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SpeedLabs brings personal guidance from experts for each student through effective Practice.

Efficient learning

Efficient learning

Know your concepts through the practice session, full solution & discuss with Faculty to fill your conceptual gaps immediately.

Innovative Practice Platform

Innovative Practice Platform

Our Technology platform is designed to provide the most effective and efficient Practice which is the most differentiating element of the Study.

Result Oriented: Rank Booster

Result Oriented: Rank Booster

Every session at SpeedLabs will boost your score, conceptual coverage. This will result into better chances for securing higher Rank.

In-Depth Analysis

In-Depth Analysis

In-depth analysis of every student’s knowledge, conceptual gaps and problem solving speed & accuracy to help him attack the right improvement areas.

Face-To-Face + Focus on you

Face-To-Face + Focus on you

Faculty spend more time in interactions with each student. Face-to-face discussion is the most effective method to learn the conceptual / numerical oriented Subjects..

Top Quality Faculty

Top Quality Faculty

SpeedLabs has top quality IITians and NITians faculty who have a very clear understanding of the Maths and Science Subjects. They can provide best personal guidance to each student..

Our CEO explains why SpeedLabs is a Game Changer for you

Competition is a Reality of life. Many of us are not able to perform in exams to the best of our potential. There are many possible reasons for this. But the most important reason is “Lack of Personal Attention”. The students work hard passionately towards their goal, but sadly fall short due to unavailability of sufficient Personal Attention and support system. Despite spending 25 hours per week in formal classroom environment, there are many conceptual gaps. Except for top 2%-3% students, the students don’t have any regular access to faculty to clear these doubts and fill their gaps.


It always feels great to hear from our students. We are glad that we have been a part of their journey to success.

  • My experience at Speedlabs has been great. I have learnt a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses in addition to gaining knowledge about academics. I feel more confident now and my teachers have been very helpful.


  • Best technology meets best teacher. Easily the best I have seen. I have been able to recognise and work on my weak subjects topics thanks to Speedlabs.


  • I used to get average marks in Maths as I would ignore the tougher topics. I was hesitant to even attempt to learn them. But after sessions at Speedlabs, I am not encouraged to tackle and work on the tough topics. I am enjoying the whole process too. Thanks to my teachers at Speedlabs.


  • This is better than any mode of learning I have tried so far. My plus and minus points are analysed and pin-pointed. Also I received guidance on how to overcome those minuses. I am more than happy to attempt sums in those used-to-be problem areas now.


  • The one to one sessions with the teachers for clearing doubts and focussing on concepts helped me a lot before I went on to attempt my exams. My teachers in school were surprised on seeing my performance in the exams. A big thank you to my teachers in Speedlabs for guiding me.


  • I tried Speedlabs on the suggestion of a friend, who was attending their practise sessions. I liked the entire approach and found it interesting. I also liked the way the teachers sit with the students, analyse their performance and show them where they went wrong and how to correct their mistakes.


  • Speedlabs has helped me in many ways during my learning process. I have actually learned and not by hearted the concepts. It’s a major change from the way I was studying earlier. teachers spend time to make us understand and apply the concepts so now so I am able to answer questions no matter how they appear in the paper.


  • All my doubts cleared and I got tips on how to better my score too! What could be better? The teachers are very helpful.


  • I didn’t know best until I experienced Speedlabs. By far the best teachers and assessments technique I’ve seen.


  • I have been going to Speedlabs for quite some time now. At first I didn’t want to attempt the practise sessions as I was very weak in Mathematics. And i knew I would score less. I had no hope of improving since I had attended many coaching classes and still not improved. My first session was an eye opener. I was weak in Maths but not in all topics in Maths. I was good too. My teachers immediately reviewed my performance with me and showed me which topics I needed to work on. They cleared my doubts and guided me on how to continue working towards improvement. I m really happy I tried Speedlabs.


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SpeedLabs is founded by IIT/IIM alumni; who have teaching experience. Its founders are expert educators of JEE aspirants. A unique approach has been adopted to help students get face-to-face personal help in a planned regular manner; which results in their improved score and chances to..
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