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2019 CBSE Board Exam: Top 10 tips to Prepare for Class 12 Math & Science

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Top 10 tips to Prepare for Class 12 Math & Science

For class 12, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will host the board examinations 2019 from February 15, and it is slated to continue till April 3. The students can visit the official website; cbse.nic.in to check the date sheet. There is almost a month left for the theory papers to begin. CBSE class 12 is an essential stage in a student’s life. It is after this that the students officially step into the career they desire for. Both Science and Mathematics are traditionally popular among students regarding the subjects as difficult. But in reality, the questions are a bit tricky, and you just need to make your preparation smart for a good score.

With class 12 board exams come in a lot of responsibilities as the students simultaneously have to prepare themselves for the entrance examinations as well. At least, those who aspire to pursue engineering and doctor courses. Having a more precise concept in Science and Math helps the candidates for the entrance examinations too since many questions come from this level as well. So, without any further delay, take a look at the expert top 10 tips for CBSE class 12 Mathematics and Science to score well in the exam.

10 Tips for CBSE class 12 Mathematics

  1. Keep your basic knowledge of the entire CBSE class 12 Maths syllabus clear.
  2. Put extra effort to the chapters that have high weight and master those concepts.
  3. Begin with the NCERT Maths textbook to understand all the theoretical aspects of all the concepts for each chapter.
  4. List out the various formulae.
  5. Start practising the problems based on the formulae.
  6. Look at the examples given in the textbooks and understand how they have solved the problem.
  7. It is not necessary that you follow the same step, just look for the concept they have used to solve the problem. If you have a better method to answer the same, go with it.
  8. Start practising mock test and understand how much time you have taken on every problem.
  9. Improve your weak areas and speed by practising every day.
  10. Refer CBSE class 12 past year papers and sample papers.

10 Tips for CBSE class 12 Science

  1. Study regularly and strive to finish the entire curriculum.
  2. Start with easier chapters and gradually proceed to the ones that you find confusing.
  3. For Physics and Chemistry, solve at least ten questions daily without fail.
  4. Revise the concepts and chapters that you already know.
  5. Throughout the preparations, remember that NCERT books are the bible to score well in CBSE class 12 board exams.
  6. Biology contains many diagrams so practise that regularly.
  7. Flowcharts and cycles are a good way to learn the lengthy topics that otherwise seem difficult to master.
  8. Before the day of the examination, do not start any new topic. If you have not covered, leave it and concentrate on the chapters that you have studied well.
  9. Most of the chapters do not carry more than 4 to 5 marks in the CBSE question paper. So, you will still be armed to hit off those high scores.
  10. Practise religiously with the CBSE sample papers, previous year question papers and other model test papers.

Here you go, all the top 10 tips that are important to keep in mind while you prepare for the board examination. Remember the concepts that you study now will help in the future courses no matter whichever area you pursue. So, understand the concepts not just for the sake of securing good marks in the CBSE board exams 2019 but to keep the knowledge for future use.

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