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4 Best Tips To Solve Any Numerical In Physics

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4 Best Tips To Solve Any Numerical In Physics

Solving numerical problems in Physics isn’t as difficult as it seems. It’s an easy ride if you focus on understanding the concepts and the mathematics behind the topics rather than spending time mugging up the standard types of problems.

Boost your math skills:

Master basic mathematical concepts such as – Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration, Vectors, Basic properties of complex numbers, and Graphs. All these are already included in the math section but trust me you will need these every now and then in almost all numerical problems. This is an important pointer for biology students who are preparing for the NEET exam

Read the question carefully:

If you’ve read the question carefully, you will understand the meaning of the question and this will make it easier to solve the problem. Quite a few students misunderstand the meaning of the question and lost out on marks because of this.


Inculcate a habit of analyzing your steps and your approach to the problem after you solve it numerically. If you made a mistake, look for how you went wrong. If you solved it correctly, pat yourself on the back and move ahead. While analyzing your approach, you will realize that there are certain mistakes that you make very often. Highlight those mistakes so that you can work on these issues in the future. You can highlight it in the notebook itself or follow the next point. 

Draw diagrams:

Try to make a flowchart or a rough diagram for a complex problem – doing this will break the complex problem into simpler parts. This is especially helpful for JEE as the questions are generally relatively more complex. Follow these tips religiously to see changes in how you attempt the problems. Along with this, a clear understanding of concepts and revision of numerical will make it easier for you to attempt any numerical. Prepare yourself with this Physics Revision Class that covers various numerical and how to solve them. Let us know how it works for you.

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