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5 Foods to Beat CBSE Exam Stress and Anxiety

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5 Foods to Beat CBSE Exam Stress and Anxiety

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the final exam date for this academic session. As the board and CBSE exams are about to begin, a lot of students across the country are going through a lot of tension and mental pressure. After all, CBSE Class 12 Exam preparation is not a cakewalk.

In order to cover the entire syllabus, students are studying day and night, which means improper meal schedule, poor sleeping patterns and huge tension. During the exam health often takes a back seat. But we tend to forget that in order to ensure that the mind and body is functioning properly, it is important to dwell on healthy and balanced diet. Additionally, you should also ensure that you are not skipping your meals and sleeping for minimum of 8 hours every night.

In the below article we list down top 5 superfoods that can help you overcome exam stress. The list comprises of diet that is essential for smooth brain and body functioning.


  • Eggs – This rich in protein, choline, B vitamins and mono and polyunsaturated fats item, eggs can help you combat exam anxiety to a large extent. It is essential to support healthy nervous system and can also help in boosting memory. Eggs also help in boosting energy levels and keep your brain alert. Therefore, you should eat eggs a lot during exam preparation.
  • Milk – As we all know milk is a good source of Vitamin B12, which is essential for healthy functioning of our brain and nervous system. It also has tryptophan, which regulates our sleep cycle. It is good for healthy bones. So, having a glass of milk is recommended for children and adults.
  • Cherries – Do you know cherries contain melatonin, which promotes good sleep. Proper and enough sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Adding cherries to your daily diet would help you smoothen your sleep and wake up cycle. Because when you are stressed due to study you tend to sleep less or improper. So, for sound sleeping habits have cherries.
  • Goji Berries – They are bountifully rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Goji berries are known to relax the nerves as these berries contain sufficient quantity of choline, which is used by our liver to produce betaine.
  • Pear – It is an excellent source of essential minerals and abundantly rich in Vitamin C content. As pear has high antioxidant property, it could help relax nerves and mind by further reducing your exam preparation stress.
  • Spinach – A superfood for exam, Spinach is a great source of iron and calcium along with Vitamin A. This leafy vegetable helps in developing a strong immunity and helps in reducing stress. It is a comforting food that offers a comforting effect.


While these foods are great to reduce stress and anxiety, just eating and thinking you will be relieved of tension and score good marks in the final exam will be wrong. Remember, there is no substitute for hard work. So, prepare well and study religiously.

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