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5 Preparation Tips for ICSE Class 10th Exam to Score Great Marks

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Preparation tips for ICSE Class 10 Exam

When ICSE Class 10 board exams are round the corner students panic more. As it is one of the toughest board exams in the country, you need to be thoroughly prepared to face it successfully. In order to make your preparation journey easy and quick, we bring you subject-wise ICSE Class 10 exam preparation tips. Read on.

  • Preparing for Class 10 ICSE Physics

The total marks for this is 100, which includes 80 marks external and 20 marks of the internal assessment. As per the ICSE exam pattern, this exam is of 2 hours (120 minutes). While there are two sections of the paper , the first one comprises of 40 short questions and other consists of 6 long answers out of which a student is expected to solve only 4 questions. Some of the important chapters that one needs to prepare well in Physics are Heat, Light, Sound, Modern Physics, Force Work Energy & Power and Electricity & Magnetism. Study these topics first, however we are not saying completely ignore the remaining ones. Always write units in your answer. Try to create a simple diagram wherever relevant while writing an answer.

  • Preparing for Class 10 ICSE Mathematics

It might look tough, but it is that one subject that is quote scoring if you are well prepared. For those aiming to pursue engineering, scoring good in Mathematics is important. To score good marks in subject, you need to practice a lot. One should prepare for top topics like Probability, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Commercial Mathematics and Mensuration. But make sure you practise past year question papers regularly to improve your problem solving skills and abilities.

  • Preparing for Class 10 ICSE Chemistry

In this subject too you can score great if you work hard and smart. The important chapters include Periodic Properties and Variations of Properties – Physical and Chemical, Analytical Chemistry – Use of Ammonium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide, Mole Concept and Stoichiometry, Study of Compounds, Organic Chemistry, Metallurgy, Study of Acids, Bases & Salts and Electrolysis. But do not ignore any subject just because it doesn’t comes under ‘important’ category.

  • Preparing for Class 10 ICSE Biology

If you are planning to take medical and allied careers in the future you should have scored well in this subject and must also have great understanding of the basics. The ICSE Class 10 board exam requires a good understanding of diagrams. Like revision, practising diagrams regularly is also important. Practical consists of 30 marks, so prepare well here too.

Other important tips

  • Take ICSE sample test or online mock tests for board exams
  • Timing yourself is good as it helps you improve your writing speed and accuracy
  • Re-check and revise the ones you have got wrong answers for


All the best for the exam! Go and face ICSE Class 10 board exam confidently.


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