5 Things You Should Know Before Sitting For Competitive Exams

Good Luck for your forthcoming exam

The word “exams” brings back so many memories, some funny, but mostly scary! Sleepless nights of mugging, the frantic praying and then waiting for results with bated breath. Exams cause the same amount of anxiety, no matter if they are school exams or entrance exams like the JEE and NEET. If you are studying for a competitive exam then you’re in luck – we’ve compiled five useful tips on how to prepare for exams in a successful manner.

Success Mantra For Competitive Exams

There is no one particular solution to ensure success in competitive exams. It is the culmination of various tactics / efforts that helps a student attain their end-goal. Remember the following five tips as you start your journey toward competitive exams.

  1. Build A Winning Plan

As a first step, students should build a study plan which consists of details like how much to study, what subjects to review, how to divide the curriculum and when to practice. The study plan should take into account one’s ability to understand each topic – i.e. if you are not very comfortable with physics, then more time should be assigned to this particular subject. Make sure your study plan includes enough breaks and free time for relaxation. It is recommended that these study plans are made at the beginning of each month. At SpeedLabs, our seasoned coaches work in conjunction with each individual student to set realistic goals and plans and then monitor the progress closely.

  1. Learn & Understand Vs Read & Remember

It is possible to mug up chapters and do well in school exams, but competitive exams are a different ball game altogether. Competitive exams like NEET and JEE are structured in a way that tests your complete understanding by isolating concepts in the form of questions. So, if you approach these exams with the attitude of mugging and remembering concepts, then you will be making a huge mistake. The best way to tackle competitive exams is to understand the concepts in detail – ask your teachers and mentors as many questions as you like and try and understand the “why” behind everything, instead of just searching for the “what.”

  1. Practice Is The Key

Once you have mastered various concepts, how do you put them to the test? The best way to check how you are really doing is to sit for mock tests, solving previous year’s papers and getting your hand on any question you find in the textbook. As you practice more and more, your understanding will increase and eventually the questions in the actual paper will not seem scary. Practice questions and tests are at the core of SpeedLabs’ philolosphy for this very reason!

  1. Keep An Eye On The Clock

All competitive exams are time-bound, which means you only get a few allotted minutes to complete your paper. Most students, who might even be junior Einstein, reveal that sometimes they could not answer questions due to lack of time. Now, we cannot change when the bell rings, but what we can do is to start training you for time management. Once you’ve mastered to finish the paper within the time limit, no one can stop you from getting a good rank. We would like to point out that SpeedLabs’ advance AI driven platform allows our team to identify any unproductive patterns in test-taking in a timely manner so they can be addressed before the actual exam that counts.

  1. Time For Introspection & Feedback

It is not enough to only give mock tests and solve questions  – it is just as important to learn from your mistakes and identify your weak points and unhelpful patterns. Once you learn which chapter or questions are difficult for you to crack, focus on them more and try to grasp their logic – this way you will not only master the subject, but also be cautious to not repeat the same mistake in the actual exam you’re preparing so hard for!

One thing is certain, that there are no shortcuts to meeting your goals. Only those who are ready to concentrate, work hard and practice are the lucky few to taste success. Will you be one of them?

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