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7 Quick and Smart Preparation Tips for NEET Exam

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There many several aspirants preparing for NEET exam. But for such highly competitive and tough entrance exam, only simple preparation isn’t enough. You need to prepare smartly – covering more, delivering even more in less time. But how to do it?


In the below blog we list down 7 quick and smart preparation tips to clear NEET exam with good marks.

Smart Ways to Prepare for NEET Quickly

  • Conceptual clarity is important to crack NEET exam. Therefore, your concepts have to be really strong.  You should start by reading and understanding the entire topics/concepts based on your level of difficulty. Prioritize the topics/lessons as per their difficulty level. You can choose to spend relatively less time on topics you are comfortable with or ones that you find easy.


  • Solve as many previous year question papers of NEET as you can. Focus on the arrangement of the questions. Solving past year papers is like giving a mock test of NEET. This way you can gauge your strengths and work on areas you are weak at. This also improves your problem solving speed and accuracy.


  • Try to clear your doubts and questions immediately. Whenever you are solving something, and unable to understand concept or problem, ask your doubts immediately and try to get a solution for it. Not getting your doubts cleared will only lead to stress and poor preparation, because the concept may be linked to 10 other questions. Hence, get it resolved. Always take guidance from experts and not Google.


  • Study as per your pace, and don’t cram. Cramming surely puts a lot into your head. But you tend to get confused when there’s too much in your head. Therefore, study smartly; understand and learn.


  • Prepare short notes of important concepts and topics for quick reference. On the exam day, you are not going to read the entire textbook. So note down small yet important concepts or points on sticky notes and stick it on your study table or room for a quick glance before you leave for the exam.


  • Try to devote time for multiple subjects every day. If you keep on reading one subject the whole your mind may get tired and bored. So, to keep the enthusiasm and freshness high, switch to multiple subjects in a day. This way your brain will get more time to consolidate your learning.


  • Manage your time effectively during the preparation period. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses you should be able to decide how much time you need to spend on a particular subject. Most topics in Biology will minimum 3 hours of your time per day (maybe more for chapters with less concepts) for their completion.


  • To keep your mind refreshed and working properly, you need to take at least 20 minutes of study break in between 3 hours of continuous preparation. Study break is not bad at all. It is good to keep you charged throughout the day.


Finally, stay fit and positive to face the exam successfully. Study smarter to achieve success and excellence. Know your strengths and weakness by taking online NEET mock tests and prepare yourself well.

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