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7 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress during IIT JEE Preparation

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IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE is one of the toughest and most sought after engineering entrance exams in the country to get seat in the premier engineering college of India, IIT. With exams round the corner, anxiety, stress, anger, irritation, tension, loss of sleep and nightmare are the common emotions students must be experiencing. When such difficult exams slowly approaching, many students must be reciting formulas and concepts in their dreams. We totally understand your feeling and we empathize with your condition.

Understanding this, we bring you the top 7 stress management tips that you should follow to keep your mind cool and relaxed.

How to handle exam stress?

  1. Don’t take up any new topic which you haven’t studied even once so far. This might lead to confusion and tension. Reading new topic may even cause you to forget the already studied topic. Revise your basics, derivatives and formulae. It may result in low performance in the final exam.
  2. Revision is the best way to sharpen your final exam preparation. As a JEE candidate, you should revise Coordinate geometry and Calculus in Mathematics, Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium and Aromatic Compounds in Chemistry, and Modern Physics in Physics.
  3. The best way to revise or practice is to solve past year question papers. The question paper should be at least of last two years, not too old. This also helps you get familiar with the exam pattern. Also, in the end refer JEE answer key to check whether you have attempted the questions correctly.
  4. Avoid staying up till late during the last few days of the week. Do your revision and practice in the day time only. This keeps your mind and body relaxed.
  5. Sleep minimum eight hours in the night and start preparing early in the morning. Try to take JEE online mock tests during the actual exam hours.
  6. Do not skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eat healthy food and on time for a well-balanced mind and body.
  7. Exercise and meditate to balance your soul. It enhances your concentration level and helps you perform well in the final exam.

Now that you know all the tips to keep your mind and body stable during the exam time, it’s time to follow it regularly not just for this exam but for any tests and exams in the future.

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