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7 Reasons Math Is Important For Long-Term Careers

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Often, it is difficult for children and teenagers to understand what the point of math really is, which usually makes it very difficult to get everyone excited about this subject in the classroom. However, math actually holds a lot of significance not just in one’s day-to-day life, but also at the workplace. Irrespective of what industry one is keen to join in the long run, a strong grasp of math can help one maintain an edge. Let’s take a closer look at how –


  1. Brain PowerResearch conducted by Dr. Tanya Evans (Stanford University) indicates those who understand more math end up activating areas of their brain that improve one’s ability to perform cognitive tasks much more smoothly, including those which entail decision-making and paying attention to visual detailing. Honing these skill sets are important for leadership positions.


  1. Financial Decision-MakingNo matter what career path you pursue – whether you’re disseminating cash a bank teller, handling change as sales associate at a retail outlet, managing investments of high-profile clients as a financial or budgeting out funds for campaigns at an ad agency – every working professional has to handle money and make financial decisions at some point. A background in math will empower you to keep risks low, budget smartly and maximize ROI.


  1. Trouble ShootingMath is fully based upon logic-driven principles. A strong math background enables one to use logic to solve problems with ease (and, without bias), think analytically, reason clearly and troubleshoot with practicality instead of a wave of fleeting emotions. Anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit or wishes to climb the corporate ladder to secure a management position will need to develop such capabilities.


  1. Future-ProofingWith all industries feeling the impact of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, it is critical to have some level of mathematical know-how – it improves one’s ability to obtain, understand, analyze and communicate numerical data. In short, it will help you future-proof their career!


  1. Analytical SkillsA hold on mathematics can be linked to ease in deconstructing arguments, seeing relationships, spotting patterns, approaching things systematically and searching for logic before reaching any conclusion. In essence, math allows one to look at the world with curiosity to uncover truth based on evidence – it makes one immune to manipulation. It allows one to break complicated problems into parts, understand things objectively and express ideas with precision. In a nutshell, you’ll make better choices and persuade others easily through the lessons math teaches you.


  1. Career Advantage A background in mathematics stands out in one’s CV for a vast array of professions –engineering, architecture, statistics, advertising, typography, computer graphics, teaching, social services, banking, aviation, economics, banking, investments, international trade, real estate, science, actuaries, philosophy, gaming, research, analysis – you name it, and math is involved!


  1. Higher SalarySpeaking of careers, within STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) professions, a mathematical background holds a great deal of importance. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that STEM professionals earn a 26% higher salary and face a lesser chance of unemployment. Experts suggest there are nearly 50 occupations within the domain of STEM, which teenagers can take their pick from. For example, a car mechanic needs to know math to align wheels properly. Medical technicians need to use math to understand medical tests and how to operate medical equipment.


Indeed, a grip over mathematics offers a bright future as a working professional in the long-run. From critical thinking, analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities to budgeting, forecasting and separating fact from fiction to understanding, deconstructing and communicating complex ideas/arguments, finessing your mathematical skills will arm you with the tools you need to succeed in your career.

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