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7 Study Tips for Class 10 Maths with the Help of NCERT Solutions

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7 Study Tips for Class 10 Maths with the Help of NCERT Solutions

NCERT books & NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths are enough for the class 10 Math board exam, but only if you focus & read them with full concentration. As NCERT Math books and Maths NCERT solutions, both are prescribed by CBSE itself, so no question will come out of the syllabus in your CBSE Class 10 Maths exam. 

NCERT Solutions are an important source of preparation for the CBSE Maths Board exam

Study Tips

Study Tips

1. Be well acquainted with the syllabus 

You should very well know your CBSE Class 10 syllabus or Math NCERT syllabus. Once you know your NCERT syllabus, start preparing for the CBSE board exam in a well-organized manner. At first, you need to complete the syllabus from your NCERT book and then start solving the exercise from that same NCERT book. Check the NCERT solutions for class 10 maths and know if your answer along with the approach was right or not. 

2.Know the exam pattern

Once you go through your NCERT syllabus and past year papers, note down the weightage for various sections in math. It helps you to decide how much time you should dedicate to different math chapters.

3.Time table is a must

Create a study timetable that matches your Math exam preparation requirements and the one which you can follow without any excuse. If you find a chapter difficult, allot more time to that and if a topic is easy don’t spend much time in that chapter.

4.Know the weightage of each step

In the CBSE Maths Board exam, marks are distributed to each step you write in an answer that you can know with the help of NCERT SOLUTIONS. You will get to know the steps that you need to show in your answer. 

5.Practice makes a man perfect

practice as much as you can. Adjust your time and solve each math question and exercise at least 3-4 times to get more confidence before your final board exam.

6.Use solutions wisely

First, try to solve the question yourself and if you are not able to do so then only refer to the NCERT Solutions. 

7.Take rest also

Learning at a stretch is not a good habit at all. It will exhaust you, and you might lose interest in that subject. It also becomes difficult to understand the subject after long hours of study. So you should take time for some other activities.

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