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AI to be a part of CBSE curriculum as Skill subject

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CBSE Announces Introduction of AI as Skill Subject

CBSE has announced the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a part of curriculum for Classes 8th and 9th. While it will not be included as an academic subject, it will be a part of the curriculum as a skill subject.

In class 8th, AI will be taught as a certification course and from class 9th onward it will be taught as a regular course. CBSE has also released the curriculum as well as learning outcomes for AI for both classes.

Who can apply for this curriculum?

As per CBSE official notification, any school having 20 computers in its computer lab can apply to offer AI as a subject to their students. Not just computers, it should also have an internet bandwidth of 50 mbps for these 20 computers. Only schools fulfilling these requirements can apply to provide this subject to its students.

Teachers must be trained for AI

For this, CBSE schools will have to give special training to its teachers so as to correctly and effectively implement the curriculum and deliver the desired learning output. CBSE will also provide training to teachers from schools which opt to offer AI.

Assessment for AI

As mentioned above it will be a skill subject not an academic subject, hence there will be no assessment for AI for students of class 8. But in case of students of Class 9 the assessment will be same as the assessment of other skill subject.

Optional Course

Students must not that AI will not be replacing any other subject like IT or FIT. It also will not be a part of any current subject. It will be offered as a separate optional subject.

Will it be application for higher classes?

Currently, CBSE has introduced it for just two classes – Class 8 and 9. No decision has been made for introduction of AI subject for higher classes. If it plans to make it applicable for other classes to that will be done at a later stage.

CBSE had earlier announced that it would be introducing Artificial Intelligence, Early Childhood Care Education, and Yoga as new subjects in its schools.

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