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Applications Of Science Laws For Success And Productivity

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Applications Of Science Laws For Success And Productivity
Did you know that we can apply the laws of science for greater success in our life? Science is a very exciting subject. There are many secrets hidden in it. We are bound by the laws of nature around us, which we used to call miracles earlier, but on searching, scientific logic came out behind everything. Miraculous natural specimens made us thirst for science even more. Since years ago, we have made discoveries in different parts of science and achieved a lot in various fields like physics, botany, zoology, chemistry. Somewhere different laws and theories of science inspire us to achieve achievement in our life. So related to this we discuss some principles and theories.  


  Newton has given three laws of motion but these laws are not limited to the extent of some basic principles of science.  

First Law Of Motion

  “An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity unless it is acted upon by a force” In other words, we can say that if an object is in motion it will stay in motion or if an object is in rest it will stay in rest until and unless some external force acts upon it. That means if we do not work to achieve our goals we can never achieve them. For living a healthy and prosperous life, we have to work for that  Many of us want all the riches and luxuries in our life. We don’t want to work hard to get all those riches and luxuries.  Once you start working upon it you will stay in motion of work.  

Second Law Of Motion

  “The greater the mass of the object, the more force will be required to accelerate/move it” For breaking one piece of wood, one requires less strength whereas when it is about one bundle of woods that person would require a lot of energy and strength. Similarly, if one person has big aspirations, goals, and dreams, more effort is required. The amount of effort will depend upon the kind of work and the kind of lifestyle you want for yourself. Prioritizing your goals and starting putting efforts for the same can help you to achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.  

Third Law Of Motion

  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” This law is about resistance. Resistance is a kind of negative force that puts us away from our goals. Sometimes this resistance is very dangerous; they can nullify our efforts by pushing us back to zero. So many youngsters want to be a millionaire in their life but when they start focusing upon that, they see the darker side too. Every person has troubles and how we get over them depends on us. Just as there is negative energy in life, there is also positive energy. If we are towards the positive, then it will also be attracted towards us with the same amount of force. So always try to be positive in life no matter how hard the situation is.  


  “The universal law of gravitation states that any two objects in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses” In layman’s terms, it can be stated that the larger the masses of the bodies the more is the force of attraction. The further apart they are from each other the weaker the force is. You are attracted with a strong force and power to your largest goals and highest purpose. The smaller and fewer goals you have in your life, you will feel less enthusiastic towards them and vice versa. Make your goals large enough and adventurous to feel a great amount of enthusiasm and determination.  


“Evolution theory states that species changes gradually with time “ The reason for the change could be climatic conditions or any other natural phenomenon. There is a very famous saying about that, that either you accept the change or die. Change is one of the inherent things in our life. Nothing is constant throughout the ages.  If you can use these changes as a wheel of transformation, your life will become adventurous and this will also help in your survival for a longer period. The idea is most fit when we start listening to new ideas and projects that will help in our personal growth as well as in financial growth too.

Key Takeaways 

For a healthy, happy, and successful life first, we need to set our goals. Goals should be such that we can fulfill our wishes. Wishes to have a good career, or to be financially independent. Prioritize them, learn some basic principles of science and then start applying them in your daily routine. Science is everywhere around, once we start understanding these, it can help in living a successful life.    Because these principles have been driven somewhere from our daily life.

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