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Are Standardized Tests A Measure Of A Students Intelligence and Should they be Promoted in 2021?

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Most students are rated on how they have done in standardized tests, what they have achieved as students of a school, college, or an academic institution, and only this way their intelligence is judged in society. 

However there is no question on such certain abilities due to which certain students performed in class and such institutions, but such tests are not the ultimate decision-making standard to settle for in case of any academic intelligence any such students have and it can differ on certain grounds. 

Many students do better when it comes to MCQ and are not accurate for long descriptive analyses, others are the complete opposite, most students in the class come under average rank, and exceptions are very few, but there are also some who have the very high intellectual ability but they have never done great in classes and they are always considered in the expectant list. 

Thus standardized tests are a parameter to give marks, to rank students, and to help things go on, but they don’t explain the intelligence, and yes such test requires to be promoted for class academics and ensure that students continue to do well in such academic stature, but they are not the ultimate affiliation as a decision letter to compare a student’s intelligence and how much efficient it is for sure. 

However while considering such certain tests, there are few things a teacher or any organizing body has to consider regarding certain students, and such things may include: 

  • Other analyses they can do besides test for certain students 
  • Affiliated understanding of those who have done well in tests 
  • Scope and measured affiliation for all students through a different type of field challenges 
  • MCQ tests, descriptive tests, and all formulas to be brought into use 

And if such organizing bodies can consider these different types of concerns, then surely it can be much more effective for a wider educational call and can bring all students to do well largely. 

standardized tests

Only a Ground Measure 

Further such tests are only basic ground measures to find how much calculative effort a student can do, and such factors may include: 

  • His or her competitive skills 
  • His or her abilities to cope 
  • His or her understanding to crack things 
  • His or her variety to find out how to analyze 

And there are still some factors of intelligence it may not cover, still, such tests only work as a ground measure for students and can be promoted as well. 

Promotion on Class Level 

Also, such tests help in promoting wellness and for that matter, they do have their importance that may include: 

  • Helping a student to cross such level and enter new ones 
  • To take them out of one confined and take them to the next one 
  • To ensure that students do get new challenges and toughness of academic variants 

And this way, for helping their promotion in class level, such standardized tests do work well and can settle such things on the right core. 

Academic Intelligence is Different 

There is also a key fact to consider that academic intelligence is different from other fields, and such traits may include: 

  • Logic and aesthetic mentality to grow 
  • Consciousness, deep understanding, and mentality to think 
  • Abilities on critical challenges to apt 
  • Insuring that different skills come from different activities 

And while we consider intelligence, such traits have to be considered which speaks a lot about things that are not connected with standardized tests, but they are still perfect for class aptitude and settle the course. 

Excellence has Various Approaches 

Again besides intelligence, a student who might not have done well in tests may have another type of excellence, and such approaches may include: 

  • Ability to act when worst challenges are in front 
  • Understanding to perform in certain condition, atmosphere or according to people involved 
  • Strong influence on certain choices, tastes, and cultures 

And this way excellence can’t be judged only by standardized tests and though such tests should still be promoted to ensure classwork continues to be in motion, it can’t be the last medium or process to decide anyone’s greatness as a person and his or her intelligence. Most such students are underrated who don’t do well in such tests but one thing has to be ensured by any such institution that they don’t let depression or pressure infuse in such students and their intelligence has to be strongly pointed and must be grown in a different way. 

Standardized tests are only standards to set for classes, but not for an entire life, they do have their value and must be promoted, but it doesn’t mean that they can be misused to challenge anyone’s thinking or conscious capacity and intelligence must be drawn by all prospects into consideration that would settle the education scenario in a better way.

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