Artificial Intelligence is changing the educational landscape

CBSE Announces Introduction of AI as Skill Subject

In the last decade or so, education system has undergone many changes, thanks to the increasing adoption of technology in the field of education.

Artificial Intelligence based platforms like Speedlabs are revolutionising education by making many areas of teaching and learning more efficient and effective.

Automated record keeping and exam gradation

Schools are now able to computerise many of their routine administrative tasks, which were previously handled by teachers. AI based testing relieves teachers of paperwork, maintenance of records, and grading of exams .With more time and energy, they are able to focus on being better teachers. They are more approachable and inclined towards paying personal attention to the students’ needs and strengths. Good bonding between students and teachers is the secret to students paying better attention in class, and scoring more in exams.

Accessibility to quality education

Due to our humongous population, India has always faced a shortage of trained, good quality teachers. In particular, there’s acute shortage of teachers in rural areas, for difficult subjects like high school maths and science. This shortage can be overcome by widespread adoption of AI based learning tools by schools. These tools can enable a student in a small village to avail the same quality of education as a student in the best schools of Mumbai.

Personalised education

Every student learns at his own pace. The chalk-and-talk teaching is a one-size-fits-all approach; the problem with this approach is that it actually fits none. The brilliant students get bored, while the weak ones struggle to keep up. AI based learning allows each student to learn at a pace best suited to him. It can even tailor the same course to each student such that the strength and weakness of every student is handled in a different way.

Real-time feedback

Most students have doubts in some or the other concept, especially in subjects like science and mathematics. Usually they discover the gaps in their conceptual understanding only when they actually study for the exams. Teachers discover that the students have not understood, after the exam, when it is too late to do anything about it! An AI based homework system would diagnose these weak areas in time and alert the teacher to the doubts of the students.

Adaptive testing

The National Education Policy 2019 looks to implement adaptive testing in the coming years, to ensure better assimilation of knowledge rather than just mugging up of concepts. AI based platforms like Speedlabs are the best way for schools to incorporate adaptive learning and testing in schools, in order to prepare the students for the far reaching changes in the new educational policies.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the way teachers teach and the way students learn. These changes, if implemented across the country, have the potential to improve the learning outcomes of the coming generation in a big way.

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