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Boards V/S Competitive Exams: A complete guide for JEE and NEET Aspirants

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Boards V/S Competitive Exams: A complete guide for JEE and NEET Aspirants

Now that the board exams and competitive exams like JEE and NEET are quite around the corner. We need to focus on both. It becomes quite unmanageable for most of the students. But, actually, it is quite easy to manage both if you know the right way out. 

We just need to remember these points

Why should we focus on the board exams

Doing well in the board exams opens up several opportunities for you. Like- you can go for B.Com, B. A or Bsc Honours, just on the basis of your Class 12th board exams.

A proper timetable is a must. 

While it seems easy to say to make a timetable but it is as difficult to follow it. Thus, every student needs to follow the set routine and revision plan accordingly. It is not advisable to make drastic changes in the pre-existing timetable at this hour as this can lead to difficulties in adjusting to the new regime. But at the same time, a systematic approach helps the students to understand the weaker sections providing a scope of improvement.

Give time both to the preparation of Class 12 board exams and JEE or NEET exam. 

Overlapping topics

Overlapping of topics is one of the most probable outcomes while simultaneous preparation. It is important to identify such topics and cover them at the earliest in order to segregate ample time to other important topics as well, which not only saves time but brings out positive results for both the exams.

There are various topics that overlap between NEET/JEE Exam and Class 12 board exams

Maintain a positive outlook 

It is absolutely important to stay away from negative thoughts during the preparation. There are chances that people surrounding may feed in negative thoughts, distractions, and panic. In such situations believe in yourself and have faith in the efforts you have put in during all these days of preparation.

If you are 100% sure that you will get through JEE or AIIMS or NEET and get the admission that you are looking for, your potential will definitely help you get good results in Board exams. But if not, then you should focus on Board results equally. Remember, you will have another chance to write an entrance test, but you will not get another chance to write your Board Exams again. Whatever result you secure in Board exams, will imbibe permanently for your lifetime and will make the base for your career. You cannot ignore Board exams at any cost.

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