Lecture Bottleneck, getting rid of it !

THE LECTURE IS THE PROBLEM A bottleneck is defined as a point of congestion that leads to inefficient production and an increase in associated costs. For years, traditional model of teaching was largely ineffective because lectures was a major bottleneck in the production of student learning. Let’s first address the inefficiency of a lecture. The lecture is a bottleneck for several reasons: One size does not fit all in learning. There’s no replay, rewind, or fast-forward button in a lecture. A large group of students are all dependent on one…

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A Student’s Guide To Keeping Exam Anxiety At Bay

Complete IGCSE Syllabus

No matter how old you are or what exam you are writing, it is natural to feel anxious because it might feel like a lot is at stake. Everyone deals with exam anxiety in their own way – some pray, some sleep, some bite nails, some study more and some binge eat. Some sense of nervousness before an exam is healthy as it keeps you alert and motivated, but when this anxiety affects your ability to think clearly or makes you physically weak, it is time to find remedial solutions.…

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Medicine- Engineering Aspirant ratio since 2014 close to inverse

How to Prepare Study Timetable for Class 12?

If the number of students aspiring for engineering seats in India is an indication, then the great Indian fetish to become an engineer is on the downswing. Now the dream to become a doctor is the new fad. When there is no placement or a job in hand after a degree, it becomes very difficult for the students. Due to all this, the students began to think that pursuing medical studies is a better option than engineering. Government and private engineering colleges in the state have seen a 46.07% decline…

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Understanding The Importance of JEE Mock Tests

Not only is the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is a difficult paper to attempt, it is also a necessary to clear if one dreams of studying in a reputed engineering institute if India, like IIT. The gravity of this exam can be understood from the fact that students start preparing for it as early as class IX! But, in the end, it all boils down to how you perform in the paper on D-Day. What if you get a bout of nerves during the exam, which leads to a breakdown?…

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7 Reasons Exams Are Important


Many students, irrespective of their age, find exams of all sorts extremely stressful. In fact, way back in 2011, Australia’s Macquaire University even debated if they should do away with exams altogether. However, exams, in spite of the anxiety they cause, are actually very important for students’ development. Here are seven reasons why – 1. Exams Provide A Balanced Assessment Exams test students in different contexts – short answer, essays, multiple choice – so they can demonstrate the information they know and how they can apply it. Furthermore, exams indicate…

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How To Set Smart Study Goals

Setting goals allows you to focus your energy on action-oriented steps to lead you to your desired destination. Hence, if you want to improve your academic performance, one of the best ways to do that is through goal-setting itself. Setting study-related goals not only channels your focus toward what really matters, it also reduces procrastination and prevents you from finding excuses to avoid tackling subjects you aren’t interested in head-on. So, let’s take a look at six ways you can set smart study goals – Step 1 – Set Specific,…

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Advantages Of Technology-Aided Self-Study

The influence of technology can be felt in just about every sector, including education. With the increased availability of high-speed Internet across India, a growing number of people using Smartphones and the recent Digital India Project, it only makes sense for Indian students to finally reap the benefits of technology aided self-study. In fact, India’s online education market is projected to grow to nearly $1.96 billion by 2021 and the number of people enrolled in online learning courses will touch nearly 9.6 million by then, as well. So, let’s take…

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