International Day of Mathematics 2021: Know 5 Greatest Mathematicians and Their Contributions

International Mathematics Day - Know 5 Greatest Mathematicians and Their Contributions

The earliest mathematical texts trace their origin to Mesopotamia and Egypt, where written works dated 2000-1800 BC have been discovered. However, the Pythagoreans were the ones who created mathematics as a formal discipline as early as 600-501 BC. This article lists some of history’s greatest mathematicians and their contributions to society.   Archimedes Known as the father of mathematics, Archimedes was the most famous mathematician in Ancient Greece. He was born in 287 BC in Sicily, Notable contributions and discoveries include the hydrostatic principle, the area of a circle, and…

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Marks VS Percentile, Normalisation Process- JEE Mains, 2021

How to deal with Exam anxiety?

JEE Main is one of the most important engineering entrance exams as admission to most of the premier and central government colleges in India on the basis of this exam. JEE Main Rank is essential not only for those who want to participate in the JEE Main central counselling for NITs, IIITs, etc. for those who want to qualify in order to appear JEE Advanced for admission in Indian Institutes of Technology.  Candidates after appearing in the JEE Main 2021 paper searches for JEE Main marks vs percentile. NTA JEE…

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Mental Maths For Competitive Exams


One of the keys to succeeding in competitive examinations just like the JEE Mains or Advanced is effective time management. Years of diligence and knowledge are rendered futile if you’re unable to use them within the allotted 180 minutes. As per feedback from JEE aspirants who have appeared for the exams within the past, there’s a consensus that the largest chunk of your time during the exam is spent completing math calculations. Furthermore, no calculators or electronic devices are allowed during the exam, which makes it even more important for…

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JEE Mains and JEE Advanced – Syllabus and Weightage 2021

JEE Mains and JEE Advanced - Syllabus and Weightage 2021

JEE Main is one of the most crucial examinations for every engineering student. To crack this exam, one needs to have lots of information regarding various aspects of JEE Main. It is very important to know about the weightage of each subject in the JEE main syllabus so that students can streamline their preparation accordingly. Candidates can check the previous year’s question papers for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths syllabus weightage of JEE Main to know which topics may have a higher number of questions.  The topics with a higher weightage…

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How to Make Mathematics your favourite subject?

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Mathematics is a subject that can scare some people and sometimes it cares for a large number of students. But maths is a really interesting subject if study with proper techniques. Motivating students to be enthusiastically receptive is one of the most important aspects of mathematics instruction and a critical aspect of any curriculum. Effective teachers focus attention on the less interested students as well as the motivated ones. There are various techniques through which maths can turn out to be a really interesting subject. Let’s see what all things…

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