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CBSE Latest Update on Evaluation for New Academic Session

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CBSE Latest Update on Evaluation for New Academic Session

Coherence with the New Education Policy, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced new changes to its assessment and evaluation process for the next academic session. As per updates, the evaluation criteria, released by the CBSE on April 22, details further changes in accordance with the board’s move to Competency-Based Education or CBE. 

CBSE announced changes in assessment, evaluation for the new Academic Session

Competency-based questions

As per the notification from the CBSE, more competency-based questions or questions that assess the application of concepts in real-life or unfamiliar situations will be part of the question papers of Classes 10, 12 board exams, and Classes 9, 11 final exams.

Weightage of competency-based questions

CBSE has laid out the changes for the new academic session and said that it would be introducing Competency Based Questions. This would be about 30% for Classes 9 & 10 and 20% for Classes 11 & 12.

Division of marks

As per the notification, for Classes 11 and 12, there will be 20 percent competency-based questions, 20 percent objective type questions and the remaining 60 percent will be short and long answer type questions. However, the overall marks and duration of the examination will remain unchanged.

Classes 9-10

Competency Based Questions – 30%

Objective Type Questions – 20% 

Short/ Long Answer Questions – 50%

Classes 11-12

Competency Based Questions – 20%

Objective Type Questions – 20%

Short/ Long Answer Questions – 60%

Hope this article gives you a better understanding of the new assessment pattern of CBSE. Also, preparation is the key to crack any exam. Practicing and studying NCERT solutions, past papers, and developing the skill of time management will definitely help you to score maximum marks in exams.

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