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Class 11 Chemistry Important Chapters for JEE

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Class 11 Chemistry Important Chapters for JEE

IIT JEE Chemistry Class 11 Important Chapters 2022: There is no doubt that JEE Main is one of the most competitive undergraduate exams in India as it is an all-Indian engineering entrance examination. Many similarities exist between the syllabuses of Class 11, 12 and JEE Mains. Candidate’s score will improve if they prepare the Important JEE chapters for Class 11 Chemistry. It is regarded as one of the hardest entrance exams to crack, but figuring out its important Chapters is not quite as difficult as it may seem.

Chemistry is the rank-determiner for most students taking an engineering entrance exam because it mainly covers the basics, and compared to Physics and Mathematics in the JEE, Chemistry Class 11 questions are more theoretical rather than calculative, which makes this section relatively easier to score well on. Preparing well for JEE Chemistry 2022 requires an analysis of past years’ question papers and strengthening all concepts accordingly. Discover the most important Chemistry JEE Mains Chapters for Class 11 by reading this article.

Important Topics of Chemistry Class 11 for JEE Mains

In order to get into the best institutes, a candidate needs a score close to 50% in JEE Main. It is very important for a candidate to focus mostly on topics that offer high weightage, low effort and high weightage, high effort to get a 50% score in JEE Main.

It’s important to read and revise as much as possible, since the majority of topics are theoretical and there is always a possibility that you might forget something. These are some of the most Important Chapters of Chemistry Class 11 for JEE Mains 2022:

Class 11 Chemistry Important Chapters for JEE (Physical Chemistry):

  • Mole Concept: It is a very basic and very important concept in Physical Chemistry. In order to get a strong understanding of the entire unit, you should prepare well. If you have a firm understanding of the concepts covered in this unit, you can easily solve several questions in JEE Exams.
  • Atomic Structure: In JEE Exams, approximately 2 to 3 questions are asked from this unit, and this unit has no direct correlation with the Mole Concept. Other topics, such as Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Kinetics, etc., derive from molecular concepts and are similarly weighted.

Class 11 Chemistry Important Chapters for JEE (Inorganic Chemistry):

The topics covered in Inorganic Chemistry are all equally important. This is one of the highest-scoring subjects, so do not skip any topics. Compounds are diverse, so you need to learn how to prepare, use, and react with them. You should analyse all topics included in the JEE Syllabus from Inorganic Chemistry so that you will not get distracted while preparing.

It is important to visualise certain complex properties and compositions of s, p, d, and f-block elements rather than memorise them so that certain complex properties and compositions can be understood more readily. The reactions are much easier to understand if your knowledge of the periodic table is good, along with trends in atomic properties such as atomic radius, electron affinity, electronegativity, and ionization.

Class 11 Chemistry Important Chapters for JEE (Organic Chemistry):

A person who is well versed in the general topics in Organic Chemistry, such as nucleophiles, electrophiles, types of reactions, basicity, acidity, etc., can easily understand the entire portion of organic chemistry, and the remaining portion is its application. JEE covers these topics in the general organic chemistry section.

  • Named Reactions:  In Organic Chemistry, there are several named reactions, and you should know how they work along with their mechanisms to solve any similar problem asked in the question paper.
  • Organic Synthesis: It is one of the most important and conceptual aspects of organic chemistry and is one of the most frequently asked questions in the JEE Exam. These questions involve writing certain steps to synthesise a particular compound from a set of reagents using as little effort as possible using the provided reagents. It is sometimes necessary to write the missing chemicals in any particular step of the synthesis. Thus, it is very important to understand some of the most common chemical reactions.

Weightage of Class 11 Chemistry in JEE Mains

  • Easy Chapters – High Weightage, Low Effort

The following chapters are the most important. Every student should complete them thoroughly. It is advisable to begin with these chapters since they are both high weightage and easy to understand. To enhance your preparation, you can focus on these specific chapters from Class 11 Chemistry:

  1. Chemical Bonding
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Periodic Properties
  4. General Organic Chemistry
  5. Hydrocarbons
  • Tough Chapters – High Weightage, High Effort

Although these chapters are challenging, their importance cannot be ignored. For students, these are the next chapters to study after the easy ones. It takes effort to crack these chapters.

If you pay attention to these chapters, you will be able to sail through the tough ones:

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Mole Concept
  3. Gaseous State
  4. Hydrogen
  • Low Weightage, Low Effort (Easy)

After you have completed the first two chapters, you can work on these:

  1. Redox Reactions
  2. Chemical Equilibrium

Get on board and start working smart with a proper strategy. Being aware of all the important topics will help you focus on the most relevant and important topics, thereby improving your score.

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