COVID-19 Pandemic- The Unsung Heroes

COVID-19 has evolved into a global pandemic resulting in total lockdown in most cities across the world. With everything coming to a standstill, there are few people who emerge as the unsung heroes of the coronavirus frontline, as they keep showing up to work throughout the crisis to help . Who are they?


Medical health Professional

Medical health professionals are trying their best to save lives. Patients all over the world, including in India, are treated and cared for daily, even on weekends and public holidays, by dedicated doctors and nurses whose frontline jobs entail lots of sacrifices, e.g. sleep and family time, as well as daily obstacles to the provision of safe and quality care. There is rarely any acknowledgement and recognition, let alone accolades, of their dedication and hard work. However, there has been no lack of complaints about the services provided by public and private doctors and nurses. While some of these complaints are justifiable, the majority are not.



Retailers are ensuring continuous supply of daily necessities. Inspite of the lock down they are working to ensure every commodity is available to us in this hard times to make our life much easier.


Administrative, municipal and security personnel

Administrative, municipal and security personnel are helping in managing the situation. They are working day and night to ensure the safety of common man.



Teachers who are ensuring that learning does not stop and student’s confidence and morale remains intact. Even in these troubled times faced due to COVID-19 outbreak, teachers continue to contribute to nation building by staying connected with the students through internet to ensure that the studies do not get affected. The teachers use interactive teaching methods to make learning at home easy and engaging for students. Daily assignments and tests are sent to students for regular practice. Recorded videos are also shared with students to help them understand better. The tireless efforts of teachers and their constant involvement in ensuring that the students experience quality teaching at the comfort and safety of their homes has enabled millions of students across the country to study without any worry.


We believe that teachers are central to the learning process and play a critical role in improving learning outcomes. We thank the teachers for continuously educating the children even in the times of crisis. We are very grateful for their continued services!

From conducting online classes, preparing daily assignments, resolving doubts, conducting regular tests to sharing recorded solutions, teachers at SpeedLabs is using the online medium to stay  connected with the students.

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