Crack JEE Mains With This 60 Days Strategy

60 days strategy for JEE

With just over 60 days or even fewer days remaining for the last session of JEE Main 2021, it is still possible to enhance preparation efforts and better one’s chances of securing a good percentile and an All India Rank.

60 day JEE Strategy


Go through the NCERTs thoroughly. Make notes of all the important concepts and mark all the important things.

Prepare according to the NTA Syllabus

Be very well acquainted with the latest syllabus and prepare accordingly

Divide these 60 days wisely

If you want to score well, then for 40-45 days, brush up on the whole syllabus and take mock tests or solve previous years’ papers for the last 15-20 days. You must check and follow our detailed 30 days strategy as well.

Half of the work is done if prepared for boards

The weightage of the class 12 syllabus in JEE Mains is more than that of class 11. So if you have studied properly for class 12 boards, then you have already covered half of the syllabus for JEE Mains  2021.

Practice mock tests

Do practice at least one test daily. You can increase the number of tests you take during the last 10-15 days, up to 2-3 mock tests daily.

There are many mock tests available on the NTA Website.

Use NCERT Exemplar– Practice the objective questions from NCERT Exemplar

With all these tips you can utilize your 60 days in the best way possible. All the best!

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