Crack NEET with AI-Based Online Coaching – Benefits of AI based preparation!

Crack NEET with AI-Based Online Coaching - Benefits of AI based preparation!

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a nationwide standardized examination conducted annually by the National Testing Agency. Formerly known as the All India Pre-Medical Test, the paper is the bane of aspiring medical practitioners throughout the country.

A large chunk of candidates appearing for the NEET examination prefer to enroll in coaching classes to help improve their scores. In most cases, students are not able to realize the full value of that investment. With large class sizes and little to no personal attention, students are often unable to live up to their full potential.

However, online alternatives for coaching are steadily becoming increasingly popular with students, and this article covers the benefits and opportunities provided by AI-based NEET preparation.

  1.       Highly Personalized
  2.       Tons of Practice
  3.       Unmatched Flexibility
  4.       Doubt Support
Benefits of AI based Learning
Benefits of AI-based Learning

Highly Personalized

AI technology enables technology platforms to collect and analyze, massive amounts of user-generated data, including mouse behavior, time spent on each screen/question, questions answered incorrectly, etc. This process yields rich insights into student behavior, personality, and knowledge areas that can be leveraged in order to create and deliver content and learning modules that are customized with the user in mind. This level of personalization results in the enormous overall improvement of the student and the NEET test scores.

Tons of Practice

Most AI-based learning platforms are equipped with tens of thousands of questions related to any topic the student might be studying. This large repository of easily available content enables students to cover a large number of concepts and question formats, allowing them to be better prepared for questions they may encounter on the actual NEET exam. These AI-based platforms also steer users towards concepts they may be weaker in by targeting them with questions related to those topics, in an effort to help the student become better at solving those problems.

Unmatched Flexibility

Unlike more traditional forms of coaching, AI-based platforms allow students to exercise more control over their learning patterns and timeline. This helps relax students as they do not have to follow a set timetable and are free to create a learning process that suits their needs best.

This can have a positive effect on student morale and mental health, both prerequisites to achieving higher scores. This flexibility allows NEET students to turn coaching into a valuable tool at their disposal rather than having to adhere to someone else’s timetable and instruction.

Doubt Support

Most AI-based platforms have a team of highly experienced and qualified teachers that are available to solve students’ doubts 24/7. This is highly beneficial as it enables students to first discover where they are falling short and then approach professors to clarify those doubts.

This regimen of AI-based learning is a much more efficient approach than the traditional model, where the instructor both uncovers and then addresses the student’s doubts and any NEET exam-related FAQs. The scale of these applications also enables NEET students to learn and understand concepts from the best instructors without paying astronomical premiums.

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