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Delhi Government overshadows private CBSE schools in Class 12 Exam

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Delhi government school beats private CBSE schools in 12th results

Education has been the top focus on Delhi government. Back in 2017, the Arvind Kejriwal led government has allocated approximately  24 percent of its budget on education. And it looks like the decision has paid off very well in 2018. The year’s CBSE result showed the pass percentage of Delhi government schools as 90.68% from 88.36% last year. This was termed as a remarkable increase in the passing percentage. In private schools, the percentage increased by 4.15% to reach 88.35%.

While the point that attracts us the most is that not only these school broke all the previous records of passing percentage, it even outshined the private CBSE schools in the state. Isn’t that a big achievement? The overall performance of government schools was the second best after Thiruvananthapuram, where pass percentage for schools under the category stands at 99.11%, down from 100% last year.

Performance highlights of the Delhi Government Schools in 2018:

  • Overall Delhi region pass percentage is 89%. Girls (88.31%) perform better than boys (78.99%).
  • The entire Delhi has about 1000 state government run CBSE schools. It has achieved 3rd position in terms of city wise results.
  • In Delhi Government schools:
  • Pass percentage has gone up by 2.37%, from 88.27% (in 2017) to 90.64% in 2018.
  • 168 Govt schools achieved 100% results against 112 of last year.
  • The number of schools that achieved more than 90 percent pass percentage has gone up to 638 from 554 last year.
  • Girlstudents (94.1%) outperformed boys (85.98%) in Government schools
  • Total students appeared: 112,826, Passed: 102,260
  • The results of Rajkiya Pratibha Vidyalaya, considered premium government schools in Delhi, is recorded at 99.79%.

It is always good for a country to invest well on developing infrastructure. However, it should invest equally well on education. But unfortunately, it is often ignored. You can’t build up a nation, without the foundation of education.

It is not just the government who need to play their role well for student’s education, it is equally important for students or maybe even more to focus on preparing well for the final exam.

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