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Did you know you can Crack NEET in one attempt? 5 Tips to Know!

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Crack NEET in one attempt

In order to get that most coveted and premier medical seat, one needs to (mandatorily) clear NEET with good score. With NEET begin the key for admissions to medical and dental undergraduate courses, candidates need to put in their best foot forward to get the desired seat in their preferred college.

While to achieve this aspirant not only requires hard work and dedication, a smart approach is equally required. In order to get the best out of your NEET exam, you need to follow the below tips to clear this highly competitive exam.

  • NEET syllabus and important topics – Always, study all chapters of Class 11 and 12 properly. If reports are to be believed, about 75% of the overall questions in the NEET paper are usually from NCERT books. So, go through the previous year question papers, so much so that you can identify the important topics and concepts. Once you know it, prioritize them first and then move to the less important (secondary) ones.
  • Develop a preparation strategy – Make sure you have a comprehensive study plan with you, which includes time for practicing past year test papers, revision using mock tests, small study breaks and exercise. Do ensure you allocate more time to difficult subjects/topics. However, do not fill up your study plan only with difficult problems; make sure you also include interesting topics along with it to break the monotony.
  • Solve test papers – Make it a habit to solve past papers – as much as you can. Ideally, you should solve 3-4 papers a day as the exam date approaches. Also, try to finish the paper within the predefined time; treat it as a real exam. Once you are done solving, check the answers. Revise all the incorrectly solved problems. This way mock test aids your preparation for NEET 2019. It highlights to strengths and weaknesses, strategically.
  • Design your own study technique – Every student is different and so are his/her study habits. So, create a plan that suits you. Follow a technique that helps you recall the topics well and solve the paper/mock test in stipulated time. Please do not alter your plan frequently, and do not panic. Results will come gradually; stay patient.
  • Have a proper revision plan – Create a plan specifically for revision. If you have difficulty in remembering certain topic or formula, prepare flashcards and fix it in front of your study table. This will surely help!


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