Edupreneurship- Why and How ?

The Shift From Entrepreneur To EDUpreneur Is Here.

Those not willing to jump on board are already getting left behind and closing up shop forever. It’s time to shift our way of thinking about obtaining and retaining business; time to shift how we provide information to markets. It’s time to shift how we sell and deliver our products and services to our customers, and shift how we nurture marketplace relationships.

We have moved from the traditional entrepreneurial methods of sales and marketing to using the platform of education as a way to nurture everyone and everything around us, at the same time as our bottom lines.

If you are ready to shift into the new way of doing business, it’s time to become an EDUpreneur.

What Is Edupreneurship?

It’s education that’s profitable. It’s an entrepreneurial, income-generating business activity that has been strategically intertwined with education for the purposes of sustainable change at a social and economic level.

Why to became a Edupreneur?

1.Personal Transformation

Education is transformational in its nature. It is all about enabling the learner to move from one place to another. Ask any edupreneur or traditional teacher why they do it, and you’ll find that the money is something that always comes after ‘because it is so rewarding’. When you start to see how much your expertise is valued by others, you too begin to value yourself in ways you never knew were possible; and that is true self-actualization.

2. Authority Positioning & Solidifying Your Industry Credibility

By demonstrating your expertise in the form of educational content, you are proving your industry ‘street-cred’. Creating your own learning programs and products is the ‘straight to the top’ way of positioning yourself as an authority in your field and contributes to your professional credentials. . By sharing your expertise , you are providing upfront, undeniable evidence that you are an expert in your field. Τhat expert status rapidly shifts you into a position of an authority, a well-known leader in your industry, when you have published that expertise consistently over a period of time in multiple, educational formats.

3. Positively Change People’s Lives

It goes without saying that when you help someone feel better, do better, gain a new skill, be able to think, behave, or synthesize knowledge in a new way, that they are quite literally changed as a result. It doesn’t have to be dramatic—simply be the help that you wish you’d had when you first started on your journey. By sharing what you know with someone else, you are able to change who they are and what they can do, ultimately changing their lives.

4. Earn Passive Income

The art of finding a practice whereby you have money deposited into your bank account without emitting physical effort to enable the transaction: passive income. You have to create the course in the first place, and ongoing marketing requires effort, but the actual transaction is passive by definition. Students enroll themselves, pay online and start taking the content—all without your input. The online world enables us to automate so many traditionally time-consuming activities, to the point where entire businesses can now be run with the use of some smart apps, tools, and software; bringing income into our bank accounts without having to be sat near our computer at all.

5. Gain A Global Client Base

There are over 3 billion internet users out there, and many of them are looking for content that you currently have locked up in your head. The very nature of the internet allows anyone, from anywhere, to access a global market. To simultaneously share an article with someone in New York and Sydney at precisely the same moment, just by pressing ‘post’. With the right course titles and descriptions, your courses can be found without you even having to advertise them. Going online means going global. Instantly.

6. Leave A Legacy

Creating courses and other expertise-sharing products, are great ways to make a difference to people in a way that ensures you’ll always be remembered for the way that you positively contributed to the world. By writing down your strategies for achieving a certain outcome, overcoming a particular situation or giving people an insight, you leave behind valuable information about life today, and an impact on people beyond the reach of your immediate physical presence.

How  to grow as a Edupreneur ?


1. Go Beyond Mission to Value

By all means, start with a clear and powerful mission statement, but quickly move to your value proposition. Why should clients pay for your service? Why is that service special? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? When I launched my corporate training company pre-parenthood, I saw a specific need that was not being met by my competitors, and I focused exclusively on a niche market. I created value for clients and built a highly profitable company with paid employees. You can do this, too

 2. Revenue Should Be the Goal

Some non-profit edupreneurs cringe at words like “revenue” and “profit,” but unless you have a rich uncle bankrolling your venture, you need cash. Time and again, I hear from edupreneurs who tried to launch learning canter’s or schools and failed because they could no longer work for free. Building a business may require sacrificing some initial income and security, but it should be temporary. Revenue should be your goal

 3. Know the rules

To be the best in the game, you have to be the master in knowing the rules, so that you can easily identify the weakness and work on it. It is very important to keep every nitty gritty details of the business handy to run it smoothly. There are many edupreneurs waiting to take advantage of your one mistake and you lose your years of hard work in a flash

 4. Identify the strengths of the Players

Currently, India’s higher education system is the largest in the world, enrolling over 70 million students, while in less than two decades, India has managed to create additional capacity for over 40 million students.

It is very important to know what steps your competitor is taking and where you are lagging. self-evaluation and self-awareness go hand in hand, it is very important to keep an eye on your competitors’ strength.

 5. Strategy

Make a detail strategy about your moves, how you are planning to start the business, investment, estimate payback, and ROI. Blue print of the entire business should be ready even before passing the first step.

Principal, teachers, classrooms and quality of teaching should be the main focus of your business. The quality of education is the key to success. Quality is going to speak for itself and the brand, so never compromise with the quality of education.

6. Upgradation

Keep a track of latest developments in the field and update it. There are technological changes taking place in the education system, adapt the change and if possible stay ahead in the game of change, people will start noticing and would get encouraged to be a part of it. This will help in spreading the news and parents always want to give their children, the best education available around.

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