Effective Tips before attempting 12th Chemistry Board Exam


Don’t try to learn anything new just before the paper. 

Know the syllabus statements and definitions clearly, as there are some very important terms that have to be included in a particular definition to score marks.

Learn your definitions well. Questions such as “what is a compound?” or “Define the mole” are often poorly answered. Define does not mean ‘give an example of.’ Keep all the important definitions in one place when making notes of the CBSE Syllabus for class 12 and 11 chemistry or CBSE Syllabus

When asked to give examples see how many examples are asked by the examiner. If the question asks for just two examples, do not give three examples. Because if one gets incorrect, you may lose marks.

In chemistry, when plotting a graph of reaction rate, you must draw a curve of best fit through your prints.

Look out for ‘hidden words’ in questions such as ‘which of the following is a gas containing diatomic molecules?’ Many students focus on one or two words and might forget ‘gas’. Underline keywords and read the question slowly.

Take care when writing electronic structures including hydrogen. Always show the hydrogen atom either as a circle or (if ionic) by its symbol. It is best practice to write the symbol of the atom in the center so it is clear to the examiner which atom is which.

Don’t take the stress. Please keep calm and attempt the paper with a positive attitude and open-mindedness.

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