Effective ways to score more in CBSE Board Exams 2021

The dates for CBSE Board exams 2021 have been announced. With the exam season slowly approaching for students, they may have been feeling stressed, worried, and tense. It’s a natural instinct. Each one of us has gone through the same feeling. While you cannot stop this feeling, you can surely control them from hampering your physical and mental health.

The students of Class 10th and 12th experience a lot during the preparation time.

While preparing for CBSE Board exams 2021 a lot of stress can cause loss of sleep, loss of hunger, headache, nausea, and other medical problems. And you cannot afford to get these problems touched at this peak time. It is the time where you should be focusing on your health the most along with the exam preparation. This is the time when you should eat healthily, get good sleep, meditate, and practice a lot to get things right in the place just before the exam. Below are the few tips by our academic experts to help you perform excellently in the CBSE Board exams 2021 and in other exams like JEE Mains2021, JEE Advanced, or NEET:

  • Consider this exam as just an exam; don’t treat it as a dreadful situation. Embrace it with a lot of positivity to get success
  • Don’t overstress yourself by taking up new topics at the end moment. If you haven’t studied it for the whole year, you shouldn’t touch it now also. Leave it. It will only add to your frustration and stress
  • Eat healthily and drink a lot of water. You should completely ignore eating junk food, fried stuff. Add lots of fruit and homemade food to your diet along with juices and 8 glasses of water a day. This will keep you healed internally.
  • Exercise and meditate regularly to keep yourself fit mentally and physically for the final exam.
  • Do not skip your breakfast, lunch, or dinner – never! It will lead to weaknesses and irritation due to an empty stomach
  • Take study breaks, go for a walk or listen to your favorite music to cheer your mood
  • Prepare a question bank according to you, about what you feel can appear in the CBSE Board exams 2021 or what you feel is important for CBSE Board exams 2021.
  • Prepare strategies according to the days left like- Preparation of CBSE Board exams in 45 days or preparation of CBSE Board exams in 30 days.
  • These strategies for preparing in 45 days, 30 days, or 60 days can be really helpful if implemented properly and maintained every single day for the best outcome in CBSE Board exams 2021.

You can also try the art of visualization for CBSE Board exams 2021, or any other exam like JEE, NEET. It is the process of training your brain to prepare for a future scenario by imagining yourself performing all the activities in that scenario. You can imagine yourself performing well in CBSE Boards, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, or NEET.

We at SpeedLabs wish you all the very best for your forthcoming exams. We wish you immense success in your upcoming exam. We are sure you will perform outstandingly in the exam.


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