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Experts Tips to prepare for Class 11 Science Stream – Know here

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How to study for Class 11 Science subject

Science is the most popular choice for students after Class 10. A majority of students choose Science stream either to become (broadly) doctor or engineer. No matter how huge is its popularity, Science is also the toughest nut to crack. That is why Science students are under huge pressure. But nothing is difficult if you do it proper planning, thought and hard work. Hence, SpeedLabs is here to help you with the Class 11 Science preparation.

Study tips for Class 11 Science Stream

Now that you have decided to take up Science as your stream for future, putting your 100% is essential. So, here we bring you complete tips and strategies to prepare and get success in Class 11 Science stream like a pro.

  • Plan correctly – Science or any stream syllabus is entirely different from the syllabus you have been studying in Class 10 and earlier in the school. The syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics is far more advanced from what you’ve studied in the school. In school Science was a small portion, but in college you will have to study everything in depth. Also, as compared to Class 10, Class 11 Science needs a lot more application of knowledge of theories, formula and visualization. So you should prepare really well. Hence, the first step is to start preparing a study plan – comprehensive study plan for Class 11 Science.


  • Start with Physics – Physics is an important subject not just for board exam but also for various competitive and entrance exam. Class 11 Physics is included in various popular competitive medical and engineering entrance tests. You should read the Class 11 NCERT textbook of Physics thoroughly. Understand the topics properly and study every single concept without skipping anything. Note down every important definitions, short descriptions, diagrams, equations and formula.


  • Then go to Chemistry – Like Physics, refer Chemistry NCERT textbooks Class 11. Understand every concept, topic, mechanism, process and reactions. Jot down the important definitions, short descriptions, diagrams, equations and formula. Practice the reactions and equations regularly otherwise you will forget it.


  • Next is Biology – Read the concepts in detail from the NCERT Class 11 Biology textbook. After finishing every topic, solve questions. Revise them, regularly, both theory and the questions. Don’t worry about forgetting anything, make a note of significant scientific names, flow charts, diagrams and short descriptions.


  • Go for Mathematics next – Just jot down the formulas for a topic; understand them, what they mean, and practice their derivations. Go through the solved problems to understand the steps to solve problems.

Science is the most important subject, so if you want to score well in this stream and get success in Science you need to follow the above preparation tips properly.






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