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How Can Technology Help in Overcoming the Gaps in Indian Education System?

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Technology and Education goes hand in hand

‘Education is our fundamental right’ sounds like a familiar statement? However to your shock, as per Teach for India statistics, about 4 percent of our kids never start school. In fact 58 per cent don’t complete primary education, and 90 percent don’t complete school.

Let us first understand the numerous gaps that our education system has and how technology can help resolve it successfully. Read on.

Some of the common issues facing our education system are:

  • Poor infrastructure – no clean drinking water, proper classroom, separate toilets for girls and boys,  disabled friendly schools
  • Lack of good teachers – Low-quality teaching professional in the school has given birth to coaching centers that have emerged to such your money, both in rural and urban areas.
  • Costly education – The way coaching centers and tuitions are charging fee, parents have to take loans to pay the fee. The deficit of high-quality school education is the reason.
  • Low pass rate – Despite of the efforts put in by teachers, and parents paying high fee at the tuitions, the pass rate is at an all time low. For instance, on an average a student spend like $1200 on coaching for clearing IIT JEE. However, only 5% of the 1.4 million applicants this year scored greater than 30% in the exam. This is alarming!


The education sector is in deep trouble with the way things are moving. However, by leveraging technology we can certainly improve its current state. Let’s check out how.


  • Infrastructure – By introducing audio-visual material and multimedia content a new-age classroom can engage students. Our Indian Government too is emphasizing on digital learning now. With the introduction of e-education classrooms have become interactive.
  • Teachers – Digital education is the future, certainly. The introduction of artificial intelligence and other powerful technology can help teachers in improving their teaching process. With the use of data garnered from analytics, teachers can constantly mold their teaching methods as per the students need, strengths and weaknesses. At SpeedLabs, We’ve integrated AI in our learning labs, where students can learn while practicing. Our platform spots weak areas of users in real-time and suggests solutions in terms of relevant study material to help them strengthen their weaknesses. Additionally, we offer students an AI-generated practice question sets depending on their strengths and weaknesses and whatever they’ve learnt till date. We aim to provide a seamless, more user-friendly and comprehensive learning experience to students.
  • Economical and accessible education – Technology is making education affordable and accessible to students from any class and background. With the availability of the internet even in rural areas, education has become truly affordable for the masses. With the introduction of digital education, learning is no longer restricted to just four walls of the classroom. SpeedLab adaptive learning environment gives a virtual learning experience to students. This makes it easy and interesting for them to study and understand a particular concept, unit of chapter.


Digitization in education has opened doors for innovation. With technology education is no longer for only classes. It is also for the masses.

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