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All of you once in your life must have gone through the experience of flying kites to flying paper rockets in classroom. Most of us, usually look at the sky whenever a plane crosses above us. If even you dream to rule the sky one day and create innovative flying machines, then Aeronautical Engineering is one of the best career options for you.



Aeronautical Engineering is a branch of aerospace engineering that deals with the study and creation of advanced technologies in the field of aviation, defence system and space technology. This course prepares you for designing, development, testing and maintenance of the commercial airplanes and their components. Although, aeronautical engineers do not fly aircraft but still they have a large contribution towards the field of aviation. Let’s know a little more about Aeronautical Engineers in detail.

What Do Aeronautical Engineers Do?


Aeronautical Engineers are responsible for creating innovative, eco-friendly, economic and energy-efficient methods of air transportation. An aeronautical engineer has to adept with the laws of physics and aerodynamics. Those who want to design aircraft have to master several designing software’s like CAD or CAM. This career demands high dedication and during projects, you might be expected to burn the midnight oil and be prepared to carry some work back home.

How to become an Aeronautical Engineer?


There are several points of entry in the field of engineering depending upon the amount of education. The minimum eligibility for becoming an aeronautical engineer is a diploma in aeronautical engineering.



Under Graduate Level

  • 10+2 examination with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

Post Graduate Level

  • Undergraduate degree in Aeronautical/ Aerospace A or related Engineering, or passed both Sections A and B of AMAeSI

Doctoral Level


  • Must have completed post-graduation in Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineering
  • Must have a valid GATE Score

Courses Offered


  1. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
  2. E. in Aeronautical Engineering
  3. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
  4. Tech in Avionics
  5. E. in Aeronautical Engineering
  6. E. in Avionics

Top Colleges


This program is available in very selective colleges. Due to the high demand in the aviation field and fewer seats, there is a high level of competition among students. Some of the top colleges are:

1.       Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad
2.       Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University, Manipal
3.       Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Hindustan University, Chennai
4.       Institute of Aeronautical and Marine Engineering, Bengaluru
5.       PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh
6.       Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai
7.       Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering & Information    Technology, Pune
8.       CIIAE (Centre for Internationally Recognised Aeronautical/Aerospace/Aircraft Engineering), Dehradun
9.       Indian Academy of Aeronautical Technology, Lucknow

Cost of Education

Since this is a specialized field, therefore the cost of pursuing a degree in aeronautical engineering can be significantly high. The fees for this program varies depending on whether it is a government college or a private one. The fees in government colleges in India might be around 25 to 40 thousand while the same in private colleges can start from INR 70,000 and go up to 3 lakhs per annum. The fees for pursuing the course abroad can be significantly higher and can cost around 23 lakhs for the graduation course.



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