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How to Crack IGCSE with A+ Grade

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Before we start with the tips to clear this exam, let us first understand the basics. Your fundamentals have to be clear to pass IGCSE. Let’s begin.


What is IGCSE?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (commonly known as IGCSE) is an renowned international certificate before starting pre-university studies. It is the registered trademark of the University of Cambridge. IGCSE offers total 70 courses. Students can opt for minimum 5 subjects to maximum 14 numbers of subjects. However, English, Mathematics and Science are the common and mandatory subjects a student is required to opt for.


Now that you know about the exam, let us learn how to achieve an A* in this examination to live your dream.


How to Score A+ Grade in IGCSE?

IGCSE has its own importance and it is a difficult exam too. In order to achieve your desired score/rank a proper and long term planning are needed. You need to be focused and consistent in your preparation. While study breaks and some refreshing moments are allowed, it is a fact that a major portion of you day should go into IGCSE preparation.


Also, once studied you must revise and practice the subject. Keeping it aside and not revisiting it until the final exams may mean you will forget the subject altogether. Hence, regular practice and revision is recommended.


Here are few quick and handy tips to score the desired grade in this toughest entrance examination.

  • Your preparation should be completely finished before three months of the final exam. The last 3 months should be used solely for revision and mock tests.
  • Always refer recommended text books and sources for more reliable and better preparation for IGCSE.
  • Group study is highly beneficial. A lot of minds together can contribute to each one’s learning.
  • Take the right coaching or join the best classes to help you succeed in the exam.
  • Take online mock tests for IGCSE to better your preparation every single day.
  • Solve past year question papers for better grip on the subject and topic.
  • Before you start solving the paper, make sure you go through the entire question sheet carefully once.
  • Consider the marks for each question. Knowing the marks will help you decide how much you should write for that question in how much time.
  • Always make sure you attach a graph or diagram for each question (only bigger ones with more marks) to explain your point.
  • All the graphs and diagrams should be well labeled.
  • Always take note of the punctuations, grammar, spellings. The chances of making such silly mistakes are more during exams.
  • Always use pencils to draw the diagram.
  • If you are writing calculations, write it clearly.
  • Last but certainly not the least; take care of your health while preparing for the exam.


By using the above tips to score A* in IGCSE you can surely attempt to pass the exam with flying colors. Always remember, focus and regularity are the two most important things to score well in any exam.


All the best for IGCSE! Do well and stay fit!

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