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How to Prepare Class 12 Physics in 10 days

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How to Prepare Class 12 Physics in 10 days

Physics is one of the important subjects for both board and competitive/entrance examinations. Having said that it is not an easy one, though. You should practice and revise regularly to stay up with the concepts and definition. To prefer well for this subject, you should refer to college notes along with NCERT textbooks. As a Physics student, you need to maintain a balance between numerical problems and definitions or theoretical problems.

In the below article SpeedLabs Physics experts bring you some tips to prepare well for the final exam and score good marks.

  • Make sure you solve previous year Physics question papers. They will give you an idea about the paper pattern and how to approach the topics and may even help you manage your time correctly.
  • You should prepare short notes of important derivations, practice diagrams (device, circuit etc.) and graphs with proper labeling.
  • Students are advised to be attentive and careful while solving a question or problem. In fact even the smallest errors in SI units can result in huge deductions. So, pay attention.
  • You should always start with numerical over theoretical questions in the first when you start writing the paper.
  • Today, if you see the paper pattern you will find a lot of application-oriented and experimental based questions in the exam paper. So, make sure you thoroughly know these before writing the paper.
  • When you are attempting Section E, in the first 15 minutes, mark the questions that you are planning to attempt.
  • Stay positive during the entire exam season and take an ample amount of rest. You should indulge in exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy eating.
  • Plan your revision and practice well and do not get distracted due to any given condition. This will bring you huge success.
  • You start your Physics paper by attempting Section E first and then go to Section C. Proper analysis of practical and theory can help you score well.
  • Board exam is strictly based on NCERT textbooks so it is kind of imperative to go through this book thoroughly.
  • Physics is more about the ability to apply the knowledge in practical situations than just learning the facts.So, the next time when you read any concept, try to also spend some time thinking about the application of that concept.
  • Once you are dare done studying from the NCERT book, carefully see the examples solved in the book and solve the practice questions.
  • Students are recommended to pay special attention to the key features of the diagram. For example, while drawing a diagram of a variation of resistivity of metals with temperature students generally do a mistake of starting the plot from zero whereas resistivity is not zero at zero degree centigrade.
  • While attempting the paper always start with the questions you are sure about. This will boost your confidence level and save your total time.


In the last three days before your exam make sure to solve 3 full question paper continuously with a time duration of 3 hours. This will prepare you to face the final exam well.

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