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How to Prepare for Both Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams At Once?

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How to Prepare for Both Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams At Once?

You don’t need to be an Einstein to crack engineering and medical entrance examinations – JEE & NEET/AIIMS. Having said that it is truly not a cake walk to prepare for both of these exams at a same time. Students are often worried and stressed while going through the syllabus, and its natural too considering the vastness of the syllabus.


The painful task of preparing for both these entrance exams can at times demotivate or even distract the sharpest mind also. But to overcome this issue, adapt to the fact that you need to be multitasking. The power of well crafted study plan, efficient time management and careful planning can majorly help you attempt both of these exams successfully.


In this article, we have highlighted important tips and strategies for candidates preparing for both engineering and medical entrance exams at once. Take a look.

Tips to Prepare for Both Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations

  • Primarily, note that since you have shouldered this task of preparing and cracking both these exams at once, you need to be ready to put those extra efforts for the next two years. Hard work is the key here.
  • Actually when preparing for both these exams you should note that Physics and Chemistry are common in both these tests. So technically, you need to prepare for 4 instead of 3 subjects for both engineering and medical entrance test. That’s all!
  • Know which your strong subject is and which isn’t. For instance, if Biology is your strong point, you can at least clear medical entrance. So, devote more time for Maths to crack JEE also.
  • With our advice, join good coaching classes since the level of Physics and Chemistry is tougher in JEE than medical test. So, if you are well prepared for JEE you will score great in at least two sections of medical entrance test – physics and chemistry.
  • Both Mathematics and Biology are on two different poles. Biology is all about mugging up, and Maths is all about solving, so dedicate good amount of time solving papers.


More Tips & Tricks for JEE and NEET/AIIMS

  • Solve mock tests papers for JEE and NEET or attempt solving previous years question papers for both these exams. This will improve your problem solving speed and accuracy.
  • Preparing for the huge syllabus of both these exams can be challenging. The solution to this problem is by preparing weekly plans and assessing performance regularly. This way candidate will know where they stand just before the exam in their preparation level.
  • Rather than panicking or stressing, you must take short study breaks while studying. You can listen to song, go for a small walk in the fresh air, chat with your parents or just play your favorite video game etc. Besides this, start your day with little stretching exercises and a healthy nutritious breakfast.


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