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How to prepare for Class 11 Physics in 10 Days

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Class 11 Physics Preparation Tips in last 10 days

Phew! Did you took a deep breath and relaxed after your Class 10 examination, we know each one of us did. Who wouldn’t do it? After complete one year of preparation, stress and pressure, everyone will take a deep breathe.

However, we know you might be feeling those butterflies and worry in the anticipation of starting your preparation for the new Physics Class 11. This class is the turning point for every student. In fact, it is the chance to improve and strengthen your base for Class 12 board exam. While the excitement of entering the college life continues, the fear and tension of qualifying Class 11 Physics exam also continues simultaneously.

If you have chosen Science as the stream in Class 11 Physics subject, we bring you the below preparation tips to help you clear the exam.

Last 10 Days Physics Preparation Tips for Class 11

  1. You should divide your time according to each topic. You should try to give equal amount of time for every topic during your revision process. Below is the division:
  • Allocate 2 days for Measurement, Kinematics, and Laws of Motion. These topics have less theory but lots of problems to solve.
  • Dedicate 1.5 days for Work, Energy and Power, Rigid Body and Gravitation. These topics have equal amount of theory and problems; has a lots of formulas.
  • Mandatorily give 2 days to Thermodynamics. It has lots of formulas and a lot of things to understand and learn.
  • Also, give 1 days for Oscillations. This is easy to understand like Kinematics, if you refer some good books or best is NCERT Class 11 Physics textbook.
  1. You should try to relax as much as you can for the last 10 days. Embrace meditation and exercise activities to relax your mind and body.
  2. You should eat well and healthy food. Green vegetables, lots of drink and healthy juice and fruits are essential to keep your body fit. Because a fit body is essential for a tension-free mind. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated.
  3. Get proper sleep of nearly 8 (eight) hours. Because a healthy and body also involves good and sufficient sleep along with healthy eating. Lifestyle change is the biggest reason for a lot of disease.
  4. Have a last 10 day study plan for Class 11 Physics. Follow the timetable religiously to score well in the final exam. A study plan helps keep you organized and helps finish the syllabus, revision or practice on time and as planned.

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