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How to prepare for Class 12 Biology Subject

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How to prepare for Class 12 Biology Subject

Biology is one of the important subjects in the Science stream. It is the gateway to some of the great career in the field of medicine. If you are aspiring to become a doctor having a strong Biology knowledge is essential. Not just doctor, if a candidate wants to pursue pharmacy or wants to become geneticists, Biology is the important subject. In fact, Biotechnology is one of the most sought after career option today which also requires Biology as the main subject.

In case you want to enter into the medicine or pharmacology, Biology is the subject you need to master in.

Before you know the preparation tips for Class 12 Biology, let us first know the complete syllabus as it is the important eleme­nt in starting your preparation for any exam.

Complete Class 12 Biology Syllabus

The biology paper is for 70 marks (theory) in CBSE and the following is the weightage of the individual chapters. Reproduction (14 marks – 20%), Genetics and Evolution (18 marks – 25%), Biology and Human Welfare (14 marks – 20%), Biotechnology and its Applications (10 marks – 15%) and Ecology and Environment (14 marks – 20%). In AIPMT, 90 questions are asked in Biology (Botany + Zoology) with each question 4 marks.

Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips

  • Study Plan – When we say study plan it should include making the study notes and practicing diagrams. Preparing notes during the lecture could become really useful in a conceptually dependent subject like Biology. Such notes help in the process of remembering the terms, concepts, which helps best as the last minute preparation strategies. Repeated practice of drawing diagrams can help drawing diagrams neatly and clearly thereby earning more marks in the exam. If you practice diagrams well along with labeling, it also helps in important entrance exams like AIIMS and AIPMT.
  • Chapter-wise preparation – Genetics and Biotechnology are few of those topics that are important and tough to understand. While these two chapters are essential to score well in this subject, they go hand in hand and hence should be prepared together. Additionally, candidates should prepare for chapters that carry 14 marks each first like Reproduction, Ecology and Human Welfare. As they are broad and contains lot of sub topics you should definitely prepare for it first.
  • Mugging up – Students should avoid cramming the topics as it will lower your interest and you might not be able to recall the important points for exam. Instead, keep preparing regularly at least 3-4 weeks prior to the final exam.
  • Practice past papers – To score great marks in the final exam you should practice previous year question papers of Class 12 Biology. Solve the sample papers with a timer set to simulate the exam day. Mock tests and past papers help in improve problem solving speed and accuracy. This also helps in getting familiar with the exam pattern. You should solve at least 2 past papers in a day.



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