How to Prepare for Exam the Right Way

It will come as a no surprise that competitive exams can be a daunting task. Here are 5 ways to prepare for any exam.


  1. Know Your Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Knowing the syllabus and exam pattern is the prerequisite to understand and prepare for any examination whatsoever. It is imperative for students to thoroughly scan through the syllabus for the exam and make note of the weightage each chapter carries. Besides that, scanning through previous year papers can help understand the examination and familiarize you with types of questions asked, difficulty level etc., thereby giving you an edge over others.

  1. Set targets to compete

Nothing goes wrong if you have the right plan. A judicious plan is one that includes a proper time table or a study schedule, which helps in timely preparation and keeps you disciplined. Apart from that, setting specific, realistic and attainable goals keeps procrastination at bay as each task is assigned a duration and is supposed to be completed on the set date and time. This not only helps you get rid of haphazardness but also helps you determine how much work is done and how much is left to be done.

  1. Clear your fundamentals

The race is half won if your fundamentals and concepts are clear. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the concepts and learn. Conceptual and application based learning paves way to success as you can remember them for a long time. While doing so, keep making notes, highlight the important information, and make a formulae sheet where you can pen down all the formulae, equations or difficult terminologies. This will aid you in quick revision during exam time without having to go through the entire book.

  1. Have faith in your abilities

Faith is the foundation stone of the path to success that guides and motivates you when you feel like giving up. It helps you build endurance and the will to succeed and overcome all the hurdles that come your way. Having faith in your abilities can leverage your opportunities by building your confidence and enhancing your personality. Students should, thus, learn to cultivate self-belief by striving sufficiently for their goals and believing that they can and they will.


Practice beats talent if Talent doesn’t Practice. The more you practice the more you gain confidence and will come to know about your mistakes or weak points. Hence Practice is the Key!. . This will help you overcome exam stress and anxiety, thereby boosting your confidence and saving you from getting jitters when appearing in the real exam.

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