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How to Prepare for NEET without Coaching

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How to Prepare for NEET without Coaching

Choosing a career path is the most difficult thing a student has to do after passing the board exam. While there are many career options available, which one is the best you really don’t know. If you are somebody who wants to make your career in engineering and planning to give NEET entrance exam you need to prepare very well to clear it. A lot of aspirants sit for this exam every year, but the seats are limited. So, you need to outperform everyone to get that most coveted seat in the engineering college.

If you are somebody who doesn’t like studying in the coaching class environment, you should start self-studying. While it is not easy to prepare for NEET without coaching, it is difficult not an impossible thing to do. In the below article, SpeedLabs academic experts list down the tips to prepate well for NEET without enrolling to any coaching class.

5 Best Ways to Study for NEET without Coaching

For candidates who think it is not possible to prepare for an exam like NEET without going to a coaching class, be rest assured; it is very much possible to do so. It may seem challenging at first, but strategic planning and disciplined execution of the plan will help students aim to attain what they desire. Candidates attempting to clear the exam without exam should consider reading the below article completely and thoroughly.

  • Have complete information – The first and foremost step to prepare for NEET correctly without coaching is to have the related and relevant details about the exam – correct and complete syllabus, paper pattern, exam sessions and time. Candidates must know all of these beforehand.
  • Use only standard preparation material – Since you are preparing without any coaching, your only helping hand is the preparation material you choose to refer. Therefore, select the right study material to prepare for NEET. When you talk about the best preparation material according to experts and toppers you should refer the NCERT books. It is essential for the candidates studying without coaching to finish their NCERT syllabus first. Once you are done studying, solve every question mentioned in the book for proper course completion.
  • Solve past papers – This is a really useful strategy for candidates preparing for NEET without coaching. Solving NEET past question papers will give candidates an idea about the exam pattern asked in the exam and help them improve their time management skills.
  • Appear for online mock tests – Candidates should undergo self-analysis and the right and most effective way to do this is by taking up NEET online mock tests. By giving the tests candidates will be able to get to experience exam day environment which is a great practice for them.
  • Relax – Although the pressure is huge when it comes to preparing and clearing NEET, candidates must release their stress and pressure before going to the exam. You should stay positive and relax your mind and body by indulging in good sleep, healthy eating, exercise and meditation apart from studies.


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