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How to Prepare Physics for NEET & JEE 2021? – Quick Tips and Strategies

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How to Prepare Physics for NEET & JEE 2021? - Quick Tips and Strategies

The NEET and the JEE Main are two of the toughest exams currently conducted in the country. The Physics sections of the NEET and the JEE often make students at the mere thought of solving them. There are a few strategies students can employ while preparing for the Physics portion of both these exams that will help boost their scores.


Know the Syllabus

It is absolutely essential to go through the syllabus before you start preparing for the exam. This can help you understand which topics are essential and need more focus and can also help you gauge the areas where you can get by with relatively less effort. It also mentions the chapters that carry the highest weightage in the exam, helping you decide where to focus your efforts.

Make Notes

All exam toppers have one thing in common – a proclivity to taking notes. Multiple studies have proven that taking notes is an effective learning technique that improves retention and increases focus. These notes can especially be useful when revising before the exam.

Make sure you understand concepts

Since the primary objective of the JEE Main exam is to test conceptual knowledge, it is no surprise that most of the examination is application-based. Rote learning definitions and memorizing solutions will not be of any help while attempting to solve such questions. Understanding the material will not only help you solve the questions but also imparts an overall sense of achievement and satisfaction.


Know the Syllabus

This tip will serve you well even for the NEET Exam, as understanding which chapters to focus on can help you maximize your score on the Physics section of the test. This approach also boosts efficiency and optimizes resource allocation.

Focus on NCERT

The NCERT is one of the most important preparation tools for NEET. The NCERT books are excellent for learning concepts as they go into much more detail compared to other prep books. Once students go through these books, they will have a much clearer understanding of the material and therefore, a higher chance of scoring well on the final.

Solve mock tests

There is no good substitute for practice. Solving mock tests can give students an edge as it not only allows students to practice exam-style questions, test their knowledge, and understand exam structure, it also places them in an exam-like setting where students can get a comprehensive idea of their performance and understand where they are falling short.

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