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How to Prepare Study Timetable for Class 12?

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How to Prepare Study Timetable for Class 12?

Class 10 and 12 are of great importance in shaping your career. After passing 10 Class exam students need to choose their stream Science, Arts, Commerce to become the next doctor, engineer, teacher, journalist or fashion designer. It is during this period they need to study really hard to get success; to become what they want to. However, it is during this stage they come across a question ‘how?’

How to study after 12th Class to make up a successful career? How to score good marks and get a good job? The answer is by creating a proper study plan. Having a realistic timetable at hand can make a lot of difference.

With a properly created timetable students can:

  • Organize their preparation well
  • Manage their complete course efficiently
  • Get enough time for preparation and practice
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Finish their preparation in the given time frame

However, students should not follow any time blindly. There are numerous Class 12 Study Timetable online on various websites. But they will not work for you, as it is not created keeping your strengths, weaknesses, time and capabilities in mind. You need to refer a timetable customized as per your requirement. In this article, we list down tips to create a proper and comprehensive Class 12 timetable that best suits your study needs.

  • Have a goal in mind – Your study plan should be based on your end goals. Decide how many marks you want to score in the exam, what is your end goal – just passing board exam or entrance exams like JEE and NEET also. Once done, deciding the goal, create a timetable accordingly.
  • The study using a tailormade timetable –The pre-set timetables are not a good choice. Just sit down and chalk out a plan for yourself – think how many hours you can actually commit to a particular subject or topic to finish the syllabus on time. Follow this timetable religiously.
  • Relax your mind and body – Students often make a mistake by creating Class 12 study timetable that is irrelevant and impractical to follow. Don’t stress your mind by stretching your study hours to an irrational period. You should consider taking frequent study breaks to keep your mind relaxed and fresh.  Play a sport, paint, dance, sing, do some physical activity to ease down your mind. You should take a small break after every 2-3 hours of study time.
  • Divide time rationally – Your timetable should include an equal amount of preparation time for all the subjects. It should have 7-8 hours of mandatory sleep hours. Remember your topics covered depend on the speed of learning multiplied by the time required to cover those topics.

A systematic study plan backed up a dedicated timetable can take you to the heights where success is the only option.


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