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How to Score 90+ in the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam?

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How to Score 90+ in the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam?

Board examinations play a significant role in our lives. Especially, class 10 exams since it is regarded as the foundation to prepare you well for the future courses you aspire to study. They not only review our knowledge but also helps us realise where we actually stand in the competition among our peers. CBSE class 10 board exams act as a stepping stone for our professional future. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the board examinations for class 10 in February. Marks obtained in the exams act as a basis for selecting your preferred stream.

Scoring 90 plus in the board examination is very crucial. And you can quickly achieve the above marks only when you keep your CBSE board exam 2019 preparation intact. Hence, chalk out a proper timetable that encompasses everything from your sleep schedule to your study pattern and promises to stick to it. Below are the top tips that are significant to incorporate in your study schedule to score 90 plus marks in the upcoming board examinations.

Plan Your Schedule

  • You have the freedom to play your study timetable the way you want to make so sure you are honest with it.
  • You know your weak areas, and hence your agenda should be to give extra time to challenge those difficult lessons and transform them as your strength.
  • Prioritise and take care of the important and weaker sections.
  • Keep slots for practising the tricky subjects on a regular basis.

Note-Making, an Effective Method

  • There is a limited time available, hence revising the whole syllabus from scratch is not easy.
  • Prepare short notes and list out the main points to recall answers quickly.
  • The more you write notes, it consolidates in your memory and is more effective for the exam preparation.

Don’t Mug-up, Understand the Concepts

  • There is no shortcut to score well in the board examinations.
  • It is often seen that students try to mug up theories without even understanding the concepts.
  • To perform better in the exam and answer any type of trick questions, understand each concept related to reasoning, mechanism, application, etc.

Practise, the Sole Key to Success

  • Effective learning requires a great deal of practice.
  • Soon after you are done with learning the concepts, put them into practice to understand your preparation.
  • Practising helps you analysing your weakness and strength.

Sample Papers & Past Year Papers

  • They are the most important preparation tools.
  • Both Past Year Papers and Sample Papers improve your speed.
  • Your time-management skill is improved.
  • You get to analyse what topics are majorly asked by the examiners during the board examinations.

With these and other few methods, you are sure to score above 90 confidently in the CBSE class 10 board exams. Do not panic; there is still time to improve your performance. Push yourself, eat healthy and take a proper nap regularly so that you are poised to face the final board examination.

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