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How to Top ICSE Board Exam 2019

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Practice is the best and perhaps the only way to achieve success in board exams. With ICSE being one of the toughest Class 10 board exams in the country, there is no substitute to revision and practice.

Conducted by the CISCE Council, New Delhi, the syllabus of ICSE board exam is systematic, clear and semantic. To score good marks in this exam all you need is a systematic approach towards revision. The process is fun actually. All you need to do is quit using your phone, video games and computer for few months. In order to prepare well, you need to refer class notes, few textbooks and guides. You can also make yourself a revision notes.

Below are few tips you should consider to be one of top scorers in the ICSE board exam.

  • Consider referring very few and detailed exam preparation materials. You can get reference from the internet or you can ask your teachers to suggest you some good material.
  • You can make your own handwritten notes. That’s the best way for revision and practice.
  • Stay in touch with your teachers and clarify your doubts as soon as they pop your mind. Never leave them unattempted.

If you are following this religiously, you will surely be able to score good marks. Only confidence can help you score well in the exam, not ‘over confidence.’

  • You should also solve past papers and take online mock tests for ICSE board exam. That’s the best possible solution to your final exam preparation. You should solve prelim papers.
  • Solving prelim papers can surely help you score more than 80% marks in the final board exam.
  • Eat healthy diet can also help you keep your body and mind fit to attempt the paper with enthusiasm.
  • Never compromise on your sleep, at any cost. Because if you haven’t slept properly at night you won’t be able to concentrate on your paper in the day. So, sleep minimum 8 hours at night.
  • Avoid having too much on your plate, meaning you should not refer many books as it adds to your confusion. Also, you shouldn’t take up too many topics on one day only for revision or practice. Do not try to study everything in a single day. Take up at least 2 topics to study in a day.
  • Exercise and meditate each day to have a stable mind and body. Studies have found direct correlation between concentration exercises (meditation) and the performance level of sports professionals. You can go for a morning walk, or jog in the evening for an hour. It is advisable to spend approximately 15 minutes meditating, adopting yoga poses like the Lotus Pose.
  • Create and follow a proper schedule. Do not stay up late or waste time doing something that will hamper your productive hours. Study calculatively. Anyways you have less time in hand and more to study.


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