What is the importance of having Health and Sex Education in Indian curriculums?

health and sex education


What is Health and Sex Education?

WHO defined sex education as a “broad program that aims to build a strong foundation for lifelong sexual health by acquiring information and attitudes, beliefs and values about one’s identity, relationships, and intimacy.” Sex education is designed to create awareness around sexual health which is inclusive of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. 

Sex education in India is spoken about in hushed voices and is stigmatized in the education curriculums specifically. In today’s modern and globalized world it has become increasingly important to address issues like Sex educations in schools.

Why should Indian curriculums stress on the importance of health and sex education?

health and sex education benefits
  • Sex education aims to educate and informs adolescents about consensual sex, the importance of being safe, a women’s rights, and sexual rights in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Sex educations increases awareness about puberty and the changes that occur in an adolescents body. Over a span of time, adolescents undergo physical and emotional changes and end up being embarrassed about it.
  • Awareness and normalization of emotional physiological changes such as pubic hair, facial hair, developing body parts can make teenagers less self-conscious, more educated, and confident in their own skin. 
  • Sex education clarifies the doubts and confusion that adolescents have about their changing bodies and emotional quotients. It prepares teenagers for what they can expect ahead. 
  • A supportive and open environment where discussion is encouraged can prevent adolescents from making incorrect decisions. They feel more comfortable reaching out to parents, friends and counsellors.

health and sex education

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