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Importance of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and 12

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Importance of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and 12

NCERT solutions for both CBSE Classes 10 and 12 board exams are created keeping in mind the complete syllabus. Students are usually advised to refer NCERT solutions to prepare for their board and competitive exams. As it is created by subject matter experts one can be sure of its relevance, accuracy and completeness. It has several unsolved questions which gives a student an immense scope for practice and revision.

NCERT includes long and short answer type questions, multiple choice questions (MCQs), conceptual questions etc. These solutions are designed with the view to benefit students by providing topic-wise and chapter-wise additional problems focusing primarily on testing conceptual knowledge with applications.

In the below article we have listed down some of the importance and benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 and 12 for students.

  • Strengthens your basics – Created by experienced professionals and field experts, this solution is thoroughly researched and suitably structured to provide the topic-wise and chapter-wise complete answer for every question in the NCERT textbooks for Class 4 to 12. It helps student gauge the gaps between paper framed and the content of the course. Board exam or any competitive exam, these NCERT solutions will help you strengthen your basics and play a pivotal role in your entire preparation period.
  • Helps in competitive exam preparation – NCERT solutions for Maths and Science helps a student develop strong grip on fundamentals of Mathematics and Science concepts from the start itself. Other than board and school exams, this solution also helps in the preparation of undergraduate and graduate level competitive exams like IIT JEE, BITSAT, NEET, CAT, NTSE, GRE, KVPY and NSO etc.
  • Develops an ability to solve questions with ease – NCERT solutions are created in a manner to help students in the event of queries or doubts in a proper manner. The solutions are explained in a comprehensive way along with relevant and easy to understand examples. Additionally, practice questions are also provided at the end of every topic to help students score better in the chapters. Students are advised to keep these NCERT book handy during exam preparation as it can serve as a quick and effective revision tool thereby saving a lot of your preparation time.
  • Helps achieve positive result – These solutions are made with proper illustrations and examples. Thereby it increases student’s confidence and helps a student excel in the final examination. It helps build a conceptual understanding of all topics by providing sufficient examples for practice. For desired results, it is recommended that students should practice long and short questions, match type and fill in the blank type questions provided at the end of every topic. Practicing NCERT problems will make it your overall preparation easy, better and quick.

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