Important Chapters for NEET 2021 – List of Chapters


To score good marks in NEET 2021, it is essential that you simply know which are the important chapters for the exam and what’s the chapter-wise weightage of every chapter in NEET. With the important chapters in hand, you’ll focus more on those chapters.

Chapter-wise weightage for NEET tells us exactly which chapters need more focus to study and accordingly more weight within the NEET examination. As such, don’t make the error of taking the other chapters for NEET lightly or ignoring these chapters.

NTA is the respective body that organizes the NEET UG exam for aspirants seeking admission to MBBS and BDS programs. The exam pattern of NEET also will be defined by NTA. It is advisable for candidates to completely go through the NEET exam pattern because it helps in understanding the structure of the paper.

This includes the number of questions, duration of exam, marking scheme, negative marking, syllabus, etc. As per the NEET examination pattern, the question paper includes 180 objective-type questions from the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany and Zoology) studied in class 10+1 & 10+2. The maximum time given to finish the test is 3 hours.

As per the NEET exam pattern, 4 marks to be given for a right response and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer

Based on the analysis of the previous year’s NEET question papers, we are providing a list of all the important chapters for NEET and the chapter-wise weightage in every subject in NEET.

First, let’s have a look at the distribution of marks between the Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus in the NEET exam.

Subject Class XI Class XII Total
No. of questions Total Marks No. of questions Total Marks No. of questions Total Marks
Physics 23 92 22 88 45 180
Chemistry 23 92 22 88 45 180
Botany 23 92 24 96 47 188
Zoology 21 84 22 88 43 172
Total 90 360 90 360 180 720

Important Chapters for NEET 2021

CareerOrbits’ experts have analyzed previous year papers of NEET and prepared a list of all the NEET important chapters and topics in all the three subjects on which you should practice and focus more. 

Most Important chapters for NEET 2021 Physics

  • The most important topic for NEET Physics from class 11th syllabus is Mechanics. On average 11-12 questions are asked from this important topic in NEET every year.
  • Topics such as Semiconductors, Heat and Thermodynamics, Laws of Motion, Kinematics, Work Energy & Power, and Rotational Motion are also important and you need to practice these topics thoroughly to score well in Physics in your NEET exam.
  • Modern Physics, from class 12th syllabus, is the most important topic for NEET.
  • Current Electricity & Magnetism, Electrostatics, and Optics are also very important chapters for NEET 2020, and you should thoroughly prepare and practice these topics.

Most Important chapters for NEET 2021 Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is one of the most important chapters for NEET. This section carries more weightage in the NEET exam. Your fundamental and conceptual understanding of all the topics of Organic Chemistry should be essentially very strong. You should also practice the following topics for NEET Chemistry thoroughly, to develop your test-taking abilities and scoring well in the NEET exam:

Important chapters for NEET 2021 Biology

  • Ecology is the most important topic for NEET Biology. On average, 12-15 questions are asked from this topic in the NEET exam every year. This is an easy and high-scoring topic in biology.
  • Human Physiology and Plant physiology are equally important topics for NEET 2020. Together, around 20-25 questions are asked from these two topics in the NEET exam. These topics demand clarity of concept, as more application-based questions are asked in the exam. 
  • Genetics & Evolution is another very important chapter for NEET. Evolution is a relatively easy topic but you need to understand and practice the concepts in Genetics as much as possible.
  • The Cell structure & Function chapter also carries a good amount of weightage in the NEET exam and as such is an important chapter.
  • Another very important chapter for NEET is Biotechnology. This is a small topic, easy to understand but high scoring.


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