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Is Watering Plants with Ice Cubes Good or Bad?

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Is Watering Plants with Ice Cubes Good or Bad?

Do we overwater plants? Do we underwater them? Are the plants positioned correctly to receive enough sunlight?

It is common for individuals to contemplate such questions while they are planting at their homes or working places. In many cases, plants are overwatered. Plants often drop and bend down when they are thirsty, so we assume they’re thirsty. Consequently, we fill them up. When we do this, we often overlook the fact that we are drowning them to death by showing them our love by pouring water on them.

For plants to grow, they need adequate water. Using ice cubes as a method for watering plants can be effective. As the ice cube melts, the plant absorbs more water, ensuring gradual water absorption. The plantation industry is in favour of this idea according to numerous experts. A horticulturist and plant care expert, Gena Lorraine of Fantastic Services, says the method could be beneficial. Now let us take a closer look at the impact:

Is it Really Effective to Use Ice Cubes?

As a principle, it works. As the ice melts, it turns into water that soaks into the growing medium and delivers moisture to the roots at a steady rate.

It is understandable that you may be concerned about the effects of cold water, especially when it comes to sensitive plants, when it comes to ice cubes.

Ice cubes were used to water orchids at Ohio State University, and the researchers concluded that the practice did not negatively affect the plants’ health.

When watering plants, ice cubes are effective, but using the same amount every week will not work.

What are the Best Times to Add Ice Cubes to Water?

So now, you’re sold on the idea or perhaps intrigued, and you’d like to know when using ice cubes is better than a normal watering process. Here are a few good times to use ice:

  • When Accessing the Plant is Difficult- If your houseplant is in an awkward position in your home, you may be able to make watering it more manageable by adding ice cubes to the pot.


When plants are in pots with little space above them, tilting a watering can be difficult or even cause spills. A high hanging plant or one located on top of a tall wardrobe or cupboard could be an example.

  • If the Potting Mix Drains Very Well- This idea of watering plants with ice cubes originated with Moth Orchids. The potting medium for an orchid plant is made up mainly of coarse bark, which makes it very free draining. It will simply drain water through the drainage holes.

The water may run out the bottom of the pot if you run it under the tap. While the ice cubes melt, they provide constant moisture to the roots.

  • Someone Inexperienced Has Been Asked to watch your Houseplants- Going on vacation and leaving your houseplants with someone else can be a concern.

By instructing them to provide a certain number of ice cubes around each plant, you can make it so much simpler. In this way, you can ensure that they are not overwatered and that they will tick over nicely until you arrive back from your vacation.

Benefits of Watering Plants with Ice Cubes

  1. Refrains from Overwatering

Ice cubes have the advantage of reducing the risk of overwatering. Besides preventing any messy water flow, it also provides enough time for the roots to absorb moisture.

  1. Protects Against Leaks

It is common for hanging baskets to leak unexpectedly when watered. It is possible to avoid this by watering in a tube or outside where leaks are not a concern. When the goal is to avoid water draining through the holes at the bottom of the hanging basket, ice cubes provide an enhanced watering experience.

  1. Enhances the Blooming Process

Watering houseplants with ice cubes also has the advantage of promoting orchid blooming, since the temperature difference helps orchids. In order for orchids to blossom, there must be a temperature difference between day and night; however, that temperature difference should not be recreated at the roots.

  1. Simple and Convenient

Ice cubes are relatively easier to place on the soil than traditional watering methods. The first benefit is that you will have less mess to clean up at home. The second benefit is that you will not have to worry about dirty water splashing back into your plants. The presence of dirt can attract bugs and put the plant at risk for disease.

Ice cube watering hacks can therefore be very helpful for us in several ways. Compared to traditional methods of watering plants, this method is more efficient, quicker, and hassle-free. It is important not to be carried away with the ice cube watering technique and carefully consider whether it is a good idea to water your plants this way. The practice must take into account all the environmental and surrounding factors.

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