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ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2019: 60 Days Preparation Strategy to Score Better Marks

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ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2019: 60 Days Preparation Strategy to Score Better Marks

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) board has released the class 10 and class 12 board exam timetable 2019. According to the date sheet, the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination will begin from February 4 and continue till March 25, 2019. Besides, the ISC class 12 practical exams will be conducted between February 4 to 14, 2019. Yes, there is hardly much time left for the board examination. The candidates are all at their last-minute stress now, which is natural. However, it should be avoided so to give required attention on the exam day.

Scoring well in the ISC board exam is crucial as it opens the gate to several career options that a candidate aspire. You definitely are aware of the basic tips and tricks to score well, and it is no extraordinary. All you need at the nick of the hour, is some common but smart preparation tips to surpass the ISC class 12 board exam 2019. Here we have listed a few and extremely helpful strategies recommended by our subject experts to score better marks in the exam.

Know the Important Topics: By now, you are seemingly aware of the ISC class 12 syllabus. At this stage, it is vital for you to know the important topics. No matter in whichever stream you are—Science, Arts and Commerce; it is mandated for you to go through the sample papers and past year papers. While practising with the same, you will be easily able to understand and note down the relevant topics that comparatively you need to focus a bit more.  

Prepare your Timetable: Allocating enough time for each subject is very important at this stage. You are aware of the syllabus and also the topics or subjects you feel you are weak at. Prepare a daily, weekly and monthly timetable accordingly. Follow the schedule devotedly. If it seems complicated, get a parent or sibling to become the taskmaster who never lets you slip the program.

Write and Learn: Like it or not, the more you write, the better you are prepared for the ISC class 12 board examination. It is a traditional practice for all the ISC toppers till date and shall continue in the future. Don’t forget, that you appear for the written examination. Hence, writing increases your speed, understanding ability and even sentence formation. Keep it neat and quick!

Practice, the only Mantra: The single key to success is nothing but practice. ISC class 12 board examination 2019 is no cakewalk, but there would be no stress if you keep your preparation right. Achieving a high score is important for you to get into your desired college. So, practise with the ISC class 12 sample papers and previous year question papers and be confident on the day of the exam.

Relax and Eat Healthy: There is a lot to study but taking too much of stress is not going to help you. Promise yourself to follow the schedule that you have created. You are almost there! It is advisable to eat healthily and sleep for adequate hours to reduce anxiety. Your mind will remain active and alert while you prepare for ISC class 12 board exams.

You do not have much time left. Be honest with your preparation, the sure shot way to score better marks in the board exams. All the streams under ISC class 12 require endless practise and devotion. So, avoid social media and unnecessary phone calls to your friends to know their preparation. These will distract you. Be positive and study hard.

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