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JEE 2019: SpeedLabs can be a gamechanger for students

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Physical Booklets and printed DPPs are outdated

Shift to SpeedLabs Methodology to get a Fair Advantage

For nearly a decade, most of the coachings have been cramming all their students with the common booklets and same daily practice problems (DPPs). Knowing well that this doesn’t help 90% of the students, they still want to continue the same outdated method for the students of current generation.

What has Changed?

Students have very different learning behaviour and study patterns as compared to 10 years back. They have adopted technology in every aspect of their life. Their attention span has reduced due the significant overflow of information. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep them engaged without having the digital assistant for them which can do multiple tasks on daily basis. Their impatience and need for instant gratification is a big challenge to entrust the longer struggle and motivated self-study without a technology driven Personalized mentor.

Shortcomings for physical booklets and printed DPPs

In my view, there many problems with this outdated methord of having physical booklets and common DPPs for the preparation of JEE. I am writing below a few of them which I think are most harmful for JEE aspirants.

1.    Physical booklets don’t capture the learning behavior or can’t keep a track of the revisions of the students. Smart Learning methods require a repeated revision for the best retention of the key facts, formulas, concepts and reactions. Toppers are able to maintain the discipline of making summary notes, dairy for difficult concepts, tricks etc. But technology can do this for each and every student, if the students adopt the technology smartly.

Most of the students lose the edge because they don’t have a proper revision plan. It is nearly impossible to maintain the revision plan without use of technology.

2.    Physical booklets don’t capture the time, date and effectiveness of the revision. As a result, this type of revision is incomplete and many useful personal insights for the students are lost.

3.    Common printed DPPs are an obsolete way of ensuring the enough practice by all students on daily basis. This method works very well for top 2% of the students who are both motivated and capable enough to solve at least 70% of the questions. Many coaching classes give these to show to the parents that they giving enough for the high fees that they charge, and they teach the students in the large batches of 100-150 students without giving any personal attention. In such case, technology can provide a basic level of personalization for each student.

The reality is the almost 80% of the students are not able to solve even 20% of the DPPs on daily basis. This results in loss of self-confidence, study rhythm and depression among the students.

These DPPs only work for top 5% of the student. For the remaining students, the level of Qs and lack of proper guidance on each Qs or Personal attention drags them behind.

4.    Printed same DPPs for all is a USELESS exercise for most of the students. In today’s times, every student must have his/her own adaptive Practice Problems.

5.    Any kind of physical material can’t capture the preparation data on a daily basis. Technology can work on a regular basis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and also create a Personal Improvement Plan for each student.

SpeedLabs AI based adaptive Practice System

To deliver benefits of the latest technology and data analytics to improve the two years preparation for JEE aspirants, SpeedLabs, with the team of 30+ IITians and data scientists, has designed India’s most advanced JEE preparation system. SpeedLabs ensures three things:

a.    Engaged student where the level of Qs is gradually improving his/her understanding based on the current level,

b.   Technology is capturing the entire practice behaviour pattern and analysing the timing and accuracy 24×7

c.    AI algos create a Personalized Learning plan (including Personalized Revision Plan and Personalized Home Work) for each student

SpeedLabs is the most innovative AI technology based Daily Practice platform where each student has a plan for practice daily 40-50 Qs on each subject. The algorithms create unique sequence of Qs for each student based on performance.

Infact, National Testing Agency is also going to conduct the exam on the similar AI based adaptive technology so that each student has a different set of Qs in the JEE Mains exam. Every student will get unique exam

Most of the students studying with outdated physical booklets and physical common printed DPPs without any technology help are at disadvantage. Their chances to deliver upto their fullest potential can be significantly improved if they use the power of technology to work for their preparation 24×7. All aspects of their preparation can be improved with the help of SpeedLabs AI based adaptive and personalized practice and revision platform.

Physical booklets and same printed DPPs for all students is like living a black and white mobile phone in 2018: Wasteful, Outdated, Ineffective and damaging the preparation of JEE aspirants. The JEE aspirants should not lag behind by studying with outdated printed booklets and printed common DPPs, instead they should take the tech advantage to win the battle and shine in competition by achieving your best potential.

Students can achieve much better learning outcomes, personalized study plan, adaptive daily practice (SpeedLabs Practice) and Personalized Improvement Plan if they upgrade themselves with SpeedLabs methodology.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/jee-2019-speedlabs-can-game-changer-students-vivek-varshney/


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