JEE Main 2021 Most important Topics and Chapters- Physics

JEE Main 2021 Most important Topics and Chapters- Physics

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains) is the first step to the coveted dream engineering college. Do you know the important chapters for JEE Mains 2021? Knowing the right direction, beginning from the important chapters in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics helps one crack the exam.

What are the most important chapters for JEE main 2021? Well, stop scratching your head; it’s time to shift towards smarter preparation. If you look at the chapter-wise list of important topics from the JEE Main 2021 syllabus you will surely have an idea of how to proceed and what to cover.

Being one of the most important pre-engineering tests every aspirant searches for the resources that ensure they crack the JEE Main exam. After analyzing the previous year’s papers the EtoosIndia’s team prepares a list of high weightage chapters for JEE Mains 2021 in all three subjects. Aspirants should focus more on them but it does not mean ignoring the rest of the topics.

 The important topics in Physics for JEE 2021 are as follows:

Important topics Weightage
Ray optics 2%
Modern physics 5%
Simple Harmonic motion  & Wave 3%
Thermodynamics 4%
Experimental physics and errors 3%
Current and capacitors 4%
Work, Power, & Energy 2%
Magnetics 2%
Rotational motion 1%

Physics is one of the subjects with vast conceptual understanding. But once you are prepared with the core understanding of physics principles, all problems start feeling to seem similar and easy. This understanding can come when you learn the basics and get your doubts cleared. Clarity, understanding, and time management are three skills that will help you ace the physics section in JEE mains.

Some more tips

  1. Thoroughly read the NCERT Books for class 11 and 12 Physics and refer and practice past NCERT Papers
  2. Attempt mock tests available on the official website of NTA.
  3. Make notes of all the important things and keep on revising regularly.
  4. All said, as the study is important so is mental stability while appearing for any exam, you can check some useful steps you must follow before taking any competitive exam.

As you are set with the Physics paper, know the detailed weightage of other subjects i.e  Chemistry and Maths here. Be prepared now and all the best!

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