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JEE Main Important Chapters

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JEE Main Important Chapters

The list of Five important chapters in all three subjects which requires less effort in practice but can boost your JEE Mains scoresignificantly.


  1. Semiconductors and communication system
  2. Photo electric effect
  3. Atomic structure and modern physics
  4. Error and instrument analysis
  5. Oscillations


  1. Statistics
  2. Mathematical reasoning
  3. Sets, Relation and Function
  4. Matrices and Determinant
  5. Height and Distances


  1. Inorganic – Chemical Bonding and periodic table, Metallurgy, Co-Ordination compounds
  2. Phyical – Atomic Structure, Thermochemistry,Redox Reaction and Chemical Equilibrium
  3. Organic – Bio molecules and Chemistry in every day life.

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