Kill Exam Fever: Use The Art of Visualization

Use The Art of Visualization As mentioned in our previous blog relating to ‘Exam Fever’, stress before exams is an extremely common issue faced by a majority of students across the world. In some cases, exam stress can be virtually crippling, hampering a student’s ability to function during exams or hinder preparation that would help them otherwise succeed.

As unnerving as all this may sound, a simple technique called visualization can really help a student get over some of that built up exam stress. It is the process of training your brain to prepare for a future scenario by imagining yourself performing all the activities in that scenario. The starting point here is to imagine yourself in an exam environment. Imagine entering the examination hall, sitting on the desk taking deep breaths as you await the exam paper being placed in front of you.


Imagine the sound of that first bell ring, as you open the question paper to approach your first question. Think about the ways to solve the question based on your current knowledge. Take deep breaths to calm yourself down and move onto the harder questions even if you are not prepared for them. Try mentally planning your way through these questions and attempting them. Then imagine yourself walking out of that hall with a positive attitude and visualize not only passing but acing the exam.


In this entire process, be selfassured and try to have mental clarity while visualizing as many details as possible. By repeating this process once a day, or a few times a week in the weeks leading up to your exam, you will find yourself feeling more confident going into your next exam.


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